While Santa’s not looking

I’ve been squeezing in a few stitches…here and there.  This weekend we head to Momma Barb’s for our annual Holiday Extravaganza!!!  : )  This is the very FIRST time I will have the privilege of sharing the magic of Christmas with a little one.  I can hardly wait…!!!





















Piecefully, Pam


WINTER has arrived with a GUST!!! Walking Jingle has been chilly indeed!  I am easily distracted by the cold simply by admiring the myriad of neighborhood Holiday decorations.  It’s a visual feast.  Good for the soul too!  How magical…pleasing…joy filled!!!

I had off yesterday and enjoyed a bit of sewing time.  See…











May your Holiday Season be filled with peace and magic…

Holiday Hugs, Pam

Squeezing in

some sewing.  ; )  While this weekend saw a portion of our studio turned into a home office space, I did eek out a little bit of sewing time!!!

I wanted to try Karen’s new micro serrated scissors.  Two arrived in my mail box this week.  What a kind surprise, and just when I needed a little boost too!!!  : ) THANKS, Karen!

Although it’s the 21st I was working on my Snowbound block from the 5th.  Those little pieces with windowpane fusing I thought would be a good test for the serrated scissors.  They worked like a charm!!!  The small green pair has wicked slender pointy sharp accurate blades!  The padded handles are nice too. And, both the large and small scissors cut through my fabric and fusible without any problems.  BEST of all…???  NO fraying!!!  I LOVE that about serrate scissors. They reduce fraying.  So…sew, I highly recommend these scissors!!!  And, Karen is running a special if you buy both.  I KNOW how delighted you will be to find these under the tree next month…if you’ve been good, that is…?!








Piecefully, Pam


I’m working on my

Snowbound block.  I changed the sheep to a dog, at Jingle’s request.  ; )  And the peace sign to a banner, not unlike the other banners I’ve used throughout this project.  I enjoy making these blocks!!!  There is only one row remaining.  Where does the time go?!








I’m hoping to get started on the machine applique tomorrow morning.  I also have some pieces prepped for my Hearts and Flowers project too.  I like being ready to sew when I get up in the morning.  And, the new coffee maker has been making error-free brew.  : D  Here’s looking forward to tomorrow.  Sweet dreams for now.

Piecefully, Pam

Finding my way.

Friday was the end of an era for me.  And Monday?  The beginning of a new chapter.  Two days into it I’m feeling less intrepid and more encouraged. That’s good, right?!

So, it’s been a new home, a new job and a new shift all in the span of three weeks. None of which was exactly planned or expected…  Surprisingly, we’re holding up rather well.  Scott has been SO supportive, my friends too, and that has been a REAL help.  Thanks, peeps!!!  ; )

Today I did some sewing.  Oh, it felt SEW good!!!  This morning I finished my Bunny Hill Snowbound BOM #9.  Yay!!!  Today at lunch, I sat outside in the glorious weather we’re having, and took some stitches on my Roseville Album squirrel panel.  Pure delight!!!

Please, bear with me as I navigate these new roads and find my way.  My stitching has been less frequent, as have my posts.  I hope to find balance before too long…

Piecefully, Pam


Since I can’t work on my Mitered Boxes, I decided I’d like to get my Bunny Hill Snowbound pieced blocks finished.  I had five done.  Another two or three in varying stages of completion.  And, bits and pieces here and there to make the others.  I hate that.  Disorganization does not become me.  Sew, I took advantage of the opportunity.  I made the rest of the blocks and got things tidy.  ; )  Ah, that’s much better!!!

Also, I am happy to report that the humming birds have returned!!!  I’m not sure where they were, but during the long days of heat and humidity, they were scarce. I’m tickled to have them drinking from my flowers and feeders once again.  They are sort of magical little wonders…  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

The seven P’s of preparedness

according to Duke.  Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. This is a phrase Scott’s Dad was fond of saying.  Recently, I failed.  Bunny Hill posted a NEW Snowbound block on Saturday!!!  : )  The sixth in Anne Sutton’s 2010 free on-line BOM series.  I knew it.  I was ALL excited about it!!!  I was ready.  My printer was not.  : /  It was out of ink.

So, I started my sixth Snowbound block today.  What’s that?  A day late and a dollar short.  Yeh, something like that.  I’ll finish my block tomorrow, but here’s how it’s looking so far…

I wanted to mention something I have learned with these blocks.  I am not doing any of the stitching by hand. It is ALL machine work. Last year, when doing the ATAT BOM from Anne, I had a bit of difficulty getting my “embroidery” stitches just right.  So, for instance, I color in the carrot nose with a Pigma marker before I satin stitch it by machine.  This helps me direct my stitches, and if they aren’t close enough no background fabric will show through.  I also keep all the materials for this project on a tray that I slide out monthly.  Perhaps I should include a cartridge of printer ink…?!

Piecefully, Pam


I spray some Magic Sizing or pour some Best Press into a little cup, turn my iron to a medium dry heat setting, choose a petal and get ready…see the coffee cup?My iPod is playing too!  ; )

Dab a little bit of Elmer's School glue on the seam allowance at the petal points and just below the points.

Place the Templar petal template onto the fabric, hold it in place and paint the upper seam allowance with Magic Sizing or Best Press.

Use the paintbrush to 'sweep' the seam allowance toward the Templar to help it fold up and over the template.

Props to my mentors…Karen Kay Buckley, Sharon Schamber, Jane Townswick and Becky Goldsmith!  : )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  And, it’s a Bunny Hill kind of Snowbound day today too!