by Sharon Schamber wins top award at this year’s Houston Quilt Festival!!!  This is her third top prize win in Houston and a first for that Show.  All I can say is WOW!!!  Here is a link to Mystique on Sharon’s website.

I have taken classes with Sharon and her work is A.MAZ.ING!!!  Once again I will say, if you EVER have the opportunity to take a class with Sharon, DO IT!  She is uber talented and comes to quilting with an extensive couture sewing background.  Her techniques and methods are ground breaking, and turn the quilt world on it’s ear.  But, just LOOK at her work!!!  A.MAZ.ING!!!

I also understand the Aussie women have won some top prizes and made a strong showing!!!  Oi, oI, OI!!!  You gals go…sew!!!  ; )

More updates from me to you via Momma Barb and Karen tomorrow…!?

Piecefully, Pam

Spirit of Mother Earth

by Sharon Schamber

I saw this jaw dropping quilt at the 2008 Houston Quilt Festival. I got to see it again, up close and personal, during my machine quilting feathers class with Sharon a couple weeks ago.  Her work is SEW incredible!!!  Truly. She is a revolutionary in the quilting world.  She brings ALL of her vast knowledge from her high-end couture sewing background and does ground breaking things with those skills and quilts.  If EVER you have the opportunity to take a class with Sharon, do!  She is a bit unusual.  Even she says so…sew.  But, aren’t most artisits…?!

Here are a few more close-ups of her Spirit of Mother Earth quilt.  Enjoy.  Be inspired.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Tomorrow starts Summer

Sewing Camp with Momma Barb!!!  : )  My Mother-In-Law is THE BEST!!! Truly.  Several years ago I asked for Sewing Camp as a Christmas present.  I was already learning how to quilt, but I knew absolutely nothing about garment construction, home dec sewing and such.  You see, I didn’t grow up sewing. There was no sewing machine where I lived.  No quilts either.  But, I ALWAYS had an interest, a yearning and I longed to quilt…

Momma Barb obliged my request, and Summer Sewing Camp has since become an annual event.  Sometimes we have guest appearances and others who join us for a spell.  It’s ALWAYS fun filled and packed with all things girlie and sewing.

Summer Sewing Camp comes to a close with the Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, the sweetest place on Earth, don’t ‘cha know?!  I am SO looking forward to this Show! First, it is a VERY nice Show filled with outstanding quilts sure to inspire and delight! Second, I am taking TWO classes with Sharon Schamber.  Oh boy!  I am super excited for the machine quilting class with Sharon on Saturday!!!  I am hoping to spring board from this class into the fmq’ing of my Flower Pots quilt!!! (wish me LOTS of luck!?)  Third, I will  SEE Bonnie!!!  I can’t wait to give her a big H-U-G for creating such a spectacular Mermaid for our home!!!  Fourth, I might get to meet Kathie.

Whew!  The week is packed!!!  And, so am I!!!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Making progress…

There are a LOT of pieces.  Reaching the fabric selection and beginning to stitch phase is WoNdErFuL!!!  : )  Here are some pieces I have prepped, soon to be ready to sew!  I press the freezer paper template onto the RIGHT side of the fabric and trace around the template with a mechanical pencil.  Keeping the freezer paper in place, I cut out the fabric shape.  Then, if I can find a rather straight edge somewhere along that applique shape (still with the freezer paper template in position) I finger press the seam allowance, press it with my iron and even glue baste that seam allowance to the back!!!  It gives me a very clear “finished” edge to use for placement and a starting point for stitching too.  ; )  I’ve taken some photos of this process, but they’re a little difficult to see if you don’t know what you’re looking at…

Traced and cut applique shapes.

"Straight" edges of these shapes have been turned and glue basted (not the squirrel though). The freezer paper templates are still on the fronts, I am showing you what the leaves and stems look like from the back.

Same shapes from the front.

Using the Pattern Ease overlay to place the squirrel on my background.

Glue basting the squirrel into position.

Prepped and ready to SEW!

Happy Holiday weekend!  Be safe.  Stitch!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam


I spray some Magic Sizing or pour some Best Press into a little cup, turn my iron to a medium dry heat setting, choose a petal and get ready…see the coffee cup?My iPod is playing too!  ; )

Dab a little bit of Elmer's School glue on the seam allowance at the petal points and just below the points.

Place the Templar petal template onto the fabric, hold it in place and paint the upper seam allowance with Magic Sizing or Best Press.

Use the paintbrush to 'sweep' the seam allowance toward the Templar to help it fold up and over the template.

Props to my mentors…Karen Kay Buckley, Sharon Schamber, Jane Townswick and Becky Goldsmith!  : )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  And, it’s a Bunny Hill kind of Snowbound day today too!

In a bind.

Would you mind sharing your binding techniques and tips with me?  What width binding do you use?  Bias or straight of grain?  Do you cut and then sew strips together or make a continuous binding?  Scrappy?  Do you use a walking foot when you apply your binding?  Do you hand stitich it to the back or machine stitch it?  Do you use a decorative machine stitch and sew the front and back at the same time?  Have you seen this over on the Piece O’ Cake blog? Very clever!  Or how ’bout this?!  I’ve done it with smaller projects and LOVE it!  And, some of you know how much I love Sharon’s techniques and my Elmer’s School glue!!!  I’m ALWAYS looking for new ways to do things…

I have my own style of doing binding.  It’s a bit mind bending.  I usually make bias binding.  Continuous bias binding.  I sew and press two seams.  That’s it.  My hand applique students can atest to this.  (Are any of you reading this…?!  Care to comment…?)

It’s cool and rainy here today.  I’m going to do some sewing prep using my iron.  I need to generate some heat!  Soup making later.  ; D  Enjoy your day and take a few stitches when you get the chance!

Piecefully, Pam

Feeling dizzy.

I am still doing unit construction to create the circle circle units I need for the borders of my Flower Pots project.  But finally, I have decided to begin sewing finished circle circle units to the top border.  Yippee!!!  ; )  I’m making progress!!!

During my November Flower Pots class at Cloth & Bobbin, one of the student’s asked how I get such smooth finished edges on my applique shapes?  Then she turned over the piece.  I have asked the students to refrain from looking at the backs of my blocks…  I did not START this way!  I have been doing hand applique for about eight years now, I think?!  My skills have evolved enough for me to feel comfortable stitching and I enjoy the entire process of hand applique.  I remember asking my (BEST EVER!) Mother-In-Law if applique shapes are to look like they’re floating on the surface of the background block or like they’re a part of it?  I believe she was a bit flummoxed at my query.  She said, “Either.  It depends on the look you’re going for.”  During classes with teachers like; Karen Kay Buckley, Jane Townswick (no blog or website), Sharon Schamber and Becky Goldsmith it has been reinforced the stitches you make are to be small. You’re only to catch a thread or two with each stitch and take your next stitch a couple threads away from where you just stitched.  OK.  I listened to all that.  I practiced and I am satisfied with my results.  Remember, it’s taken me eight’ish years.  So, it’s daunting for a beginner to look at the back of my hand applique blocks.  Here’s what they see…










Two down, only 38 more to go!  ; )

Enjoy your Monday.  Make time to take a few stitches!

Piecefully, Pam