Once Upon a Christmas Night

Because you have asked…


This quilt is also an Advent calendar.  MANY of the doors, windows, and pieces fold open to reveal a number or a little hidden surprise.  There is even a hand stitched doll tucked into a satchel that is removable.  MUCH to look at and discover with this quilt!!!  Do you see the similarities between this quilt and Sieglinde’s “Mother Earth and Her Children” quilt?!  ; )

I had the opportunity to be a Quilt Angel for the Mother Earth quilt when it won in Houston in 2006.  Lord have mercy!  : )  And, I had dinner with Sieglinde at Ninfa’s the night before I angeled.  Sieglinde has an affiliation with the family that makes/made Hummels.  Can you see that in her work?  She also designed and stitched costumes for rodeo in the past.  I think these colorful influences can be seen in her work.  Neat-o, huh?!  Enjoy!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  She has stitched some little red hearts on the back of this quilt.  Sweet!