Mahabat Maqbara

by Shyamala Rao

The quilt community is as diverse as the quilts.  I LOVE that!!! Here is an amazing pictorial to appreciate. Enjoy.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Thanks Quilt Mamas for a delicious evening.  (Cathy we MISSED you!!!)  : P  And, here’s looking forward to tomorrow!!!

Look what was in

my mailbox today!!!  ; )

Not one surprise, but two!  I NEEDED the Kwik Klip gizmo and one of my Bee peeps had an extra!  Hooray and THANKS (Marianne or Cathy?!)!!!

When the envelope reads ‘USA’ and has a return address of Gloucester I KNOW it’s gonna be good!?! Seriously.  Completely unexpected and taken by utter surprise I was gifted with an Oakshott color chart from Michael Oakshott!!!  ; )  I LOVE him!!!  Truly.  I didn’t even know I NEED this, but clearly I do! It’s perfect.  What an ExCeLlEnT surprise!  If you’re reading this Michael – here’s a BIG thank you!!!

Enjoy your evening!  Hey, how ’bout that Bode Miller and Apolo Ohno?!  And what about the Olympic Hockey too…?!

Piecefully, Pam

To Bee

or not to Bee?!  I am SEW glad it was to Bee!!!  : )  Last evening I got together with my Bee peeps.  Ahhh.  A shot of estrogen, no snow fall and fabric.  Life is GOOD.  Thanks, girls!!!

1. I needed some suggestions on how to quilt my Pastel Bubbles project.  I finished pin basting it last weekend and it’s been waiting…  Thanks for the ideas!!!

2. They praised my Santa’s Blessing finished quilt.  That’s ALWAYS nice.  Makes ya feel good.  ; )

3. They NOTICED and LIKED my hair!!!  THAT’S an added bonus!!!

Due to weather, health and sundry other conflicts there hadn’t been a Bee for weeks.  Last evening, not everyone was there – Happy Birthday to Mo’s “baby”! Lois – Hope you’re feeling better.  How’s Susie?!  Lor – How’s the addition going…especially during this brutal weather?!  Dolores – what FABULOUS things have you been whipping up?!

It was GOOD to see what fun and amazing things everyone else is working on.  To share family tales.  And to drink from the Ya-Ya Sister fount.  Thanks…I NEEDED that!!!

TGIF all.  Enjoy your weekend…sewing, Olympics, family and whatever may be on your agenda.  : )

Piecefully, Pam


Hello and Happy NEW Year!!!  : )

Yesterday’s Peace was brought to you by my friend and our Queen Bee, Jean! The Quilt Mamas had their annual Holiday Extravaganza/Bee Bash on Wednesday evening.  We exchanged Secret Santa gifts and Jean made the PEACE wall hanging for me.  : )  I just LOVE it!!!  Isn’t it super?!  Check out those FAB fabrics!!! Thanks SEW much Jean!

Last evening, I also wanted to link to Peace and Love by Fountains of Wayne.  I’ll give it another whirl.  Give a click and see if it works.  : )

OK, seems like the yesterday’s technical difficulties have been resolved.  I am loving 2010!  How ’bout you?!

I wanted to share a New Year’s tradition we have in our home.  Throughout the year we keep a ‘Memory Jar.’  It’s kept in our living room in a spot that’s easy to reach and in plain sight.  We place important stuff in the jar during the year…a birth announcement, wedding invitation, movie/concert/ticket stubs, color swatches, birthday cards, fortune cookie fortunes, and the like.  You get the idea.  Then, on New Year’s Eve, after dinner and with a glass of something nice, we take turns pulling memories from the jar and sharing them.  It’s our year in review.  Sometimes those memories can bring tears or laughter.  Today, we are continuing to pull memories from the jar.  Once the jar is empty, we place our Christmas cards inside and begin our New Year of memories all over again!  It is a tangible way to remind us just how good the year has been.  Together, we can express our gratitude and celebrate last year while anticipating what the new year may hold…  Here’s looking forward to the days ahead!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

2009 Memory Jar