Tools of the trade.

Similar to my Pressing matters post, this is a tool that I am finding invaluable in the making of my petals.  It is a bit unusual.  First, I want to introduce you to the roulette, next post I’ll explain how I am using it.

Roulette.  It is a Japanese creasing tool.  It reminds me of a miniature pizza wheel.  Quilter’s use it to ‘mark’ or crease fabric.  It is similar to a Hera marker. With a Hera marker you push the edge of the Hera marker along the fabric to make a crease.  The roulette?  It rolls along to create a crease.

I purchased my roulette several years ago from Maria at Pinwheels.  She still carries the roulettes and she also has BEAUTIFUL Daiwabo fabrics, plus an amazing assortment of Japanese sewing notions, kits, and other surprises sure to delight or inspire!  She also happens to be the only U.S. carrier of Oakshotts too and that’s how I discovered them!!!  Her store and her booth are always filled with intriguing goodies!!!  : )  And, she’s nice to boot!!!

Roulette, a Japanese creasing tool.

Piecefully, Pam


I didn’t buy much at the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show.  My shopping list was short as I was mostly looking for thread…to eventually use for my Flower Pots quilt, to practice with on less important projects, to see what is out there and what I might like to try.  Oh, plus a couple Oakshotts too!!!  ; )

So, this is what I bought and here is my first practice sandwich using this thread…

What did you get at the Show?  What did you think of the Show?  Dolores – have you tried your new foot yet…?!

Piecefully, Pam