If I’m at the Beach

shouldn’t my blog be here too?!  Thanks for coming along.  : )  I hope you don’t get too much sand on your feet…

We have been working with Russell, our Architect, to develop an attached 2 car garage into a joint studio/office space.  It’s approximately 720 square feet of potential.  We wish to imbue it with our perspective of Beach meets midcentury modern.  So, stay tuned!  The project is entering it’s final design phase.  After which will come the technical drawings and contact with sub-contractors.  This is where we’re at so far…

We have been keeping an eye out for furnishings we think are “it”.  We found an amazing desk at a local thrift shop last week and it was love at first sight!

Our home and my job are my current projects!  I am doing very little sewing as just about ALL of my sewing supplies – from thread to fabric, patterns to projects, books to buttons are in storage.  Meanwhile, Scott has been continuing to do exterior trim painting and we have been working on gardening.  It’s interesting to get the neighbor’s reactions to some of our choices and the way we are putting our LOVE into this home ❤  And, it is starting to finally feel like our home.

Thank you for sharing this new chapter and life’s journey with me.  It’s been exciting!!!  Stay tuned…

Piecefully, Pam

While Santa’s not looking

I’ve been squeezing in a few stitches…here and there.  This weekend we head to Momma Barb’s for our annual Holiday Extravaganza!!!  : )  This is the very FIRST time I will have the privilege of sharing the magic of Christmas with a little one.  I can hardly wait…!!!





















Piecefully, Pam

Jingle Bear Rock

is progressing…

Fabric shape appliqued to background. Freezer paper template.

Positioning the next piece for applique. Leaving the freezer paper in place helps to give body and ease placement.

Elmer's Glue basting the next applique shape in place.

Heat setting the glue.

Pattern on the left, my work on the right. There is progress being made!

Piecefully, Pam

Preparing for

hand applique…

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  Just look at all those jagged edges?!  And, there are some itty bitty pieces.  After tracing around the freezer paper templates and cutting out the fabric shapes, I need to set this aside for a little while. My eyes are googley!

This has been a good indoor project for today.  We are in the middle of a heat wave.  It was 80 degrees at 6 A.M.  A storm is about to hit.  Maybe some rain will cool it off…

Enjoy your day and the stitches you make!

Piecefully, Pam

Binding the

Joyful Mitered Boxes baby quilt.  I chose the orange binding and used both kinds of polka dot fabrics.  : )  Thanks for your help, input, and opinions!

I’m going to share my style of adding binding to a quilt.  Some of these techniques may seem a bit unusual.  This is the process that works best for me.  Perhaps you will find something here worth trying?!  I’ve developed this process through my own trials and errors.  Following these steps has improved my results. Now, this is how I bind all the quilts I make.  (This has been added as a tutorial for future reference…)

First, I do not trim my batting and backing even with my quilt top prior to stitching on the binding.  I use a walking foot or even feed foot to sew my binding to the front of the quilt.  I make a two inch (continuous bias) binding.  This was what I learned first and know no other way.  So, when people say to me, “You can’t make a two inch binding.  That’s not wide enough.”  I can honestly say I have never made anything other than a two inch binding and it does indeed work.  I do not pin my binding in place.  I do not mark a quarter inch away from the corners.  Instead, I use a marking that is on my walking foot to tell me when I’m a quarter inch away from the corner/edge.  I leave a “tail” of binding where I begin sewing the binding to the quilt top.  The binding tail is approximately 4 – 7 inches long depending on the size of the quilt, the type of batting used and how much quilting there is.  The smaller, thinner and less bulky the quilt the shorter the binding tail can be.  I take a couple forward stitches and then a few in reverse to provide integrity at the starting point.

When I am a quarter inch away from the corner, I take a few backstitches, lift my needle and presser foot and slide my quilt forward a tad. I then fold the binding towards the right (at a 90 degree angle) until it is even with the lower edge of the quilt top. I finger press this fold.
Next, I fold the binding towards the left and match the folded corner with the right edge of the quilt top and the raw edges of the binding with the raw edges of the quilt top where the binding will be sewn next. * Note that I did not pull the quilt all the way out from under the sewing machine, nor did I clip the threads.
I use my right index finger to hold that folded binding corner in place as I gently turn the quilt to reposition it under the presser foot. I lower the needle, check for placement and sew!
As I near the beginning binding tail I stop (perhaps 4 inches or so from that beginning binding tail) and take a few backstitches.  Now, I pull the quilt all the way out from under the machine, and clip the thread.  I place the quilt so the loose binding tails are in the 12:0’clock position. I meet the binding tails and fold the left tail back onto itself TWO inches (OR the width of your binding!). The left binding tail is cut at that two inch mark. Measure carefully and be certain.
Open the binding tails, the left one right side up, the right one wrong side up.
Bring the binding tails together, and pin as seen in this photo. The left tail is underneath and the right tail is on top. Pin, open, and check that the tails are correctly pinned together. Stitch diagonally from the top left corner to the lower right corner. Baste this first if you are unsure. It does take a little practice.
Sew a diagonal seam to join the binding tails into one continuous bias strip.
A little blurry, but this is what the seam of the joined binding tails should look like.
Clip those triangles from the seam allowance of the joined binding tails.
Finger press the seam open.
Pop your quilt back under the sewing machine and finish sewing the binding in place! Here is the seam of the joined binding tails. Voila! ; )
This is what my quilt looks like at this point. Now I am ready to trim away the excess batting and backing!
Using a ruler and rotary cutter, trim the excess to meet the raw edges of the binding, which should be a quarter inch away from the line of stitching. Take care at the corners to not nick into the folded edge of the binding.
Now, trimmed and ready for whip stitching. Tah dah!
OK, that’s it.  Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas about my binding process.  I’d be glad to hear from you!
Piecefully, Pam

Going’s on.

We have humming birds!!!  ; )  It’s taken about two weeks, but we saw a little one feeding early last evening.  What a small miracle they are?!  Absolutely riveting and amazing to watch.  Joy!

A bit of Kim McLean news.  It is my understanding Kim’s Roseville Album is to become available in two – three weeks.  Taking us to the end of this month.  So, keep an eye on gloriouscolor.com for the release!  ; )  Her Stars and Sprigs pattern is to be released in about three months…September?!  And, Flower Garden is expected to come available in December.  That’s the latest news as I know it!  Get your needles and fabrics ready!!!

This morning, while everyone has been in quiet slumber (including the cat!), I finished machine quilting the Joyful Mitered Boxes baby quilt.  I’m thinking an orange binding…but, solid colored, polka dots, or a mix?!  And, I REALLY like the backing fabric!

I had another small finish this week.  One of Lori Smith‘s patterns.  My version of a modern Whig Rose using Kaffe and Amy Butler fabrics.  This is just a small quilt, and it was an experiment.  I’m glad it’s done!

I will be moving onto a hand applique project.  A McKenna Ryan design.  I’ve never done one of her pieces, and very willingly offered to needle turn hand applique this block for Momma Barb.  It’s Jingle Bear Rock.  LOOK at those jagged pieces!!!  It’s a really good thing I LOVE her so/sew much!!!  ; )  Wish me luck with this one.  Have you experience working with McKenna Ryan blocks?  Do you have any tips or thoughts to offer?  I’m all ears!

Here are some photos to go along with the above mentioned projects…

Orange binding? What do you think...?

My Modern Whig Rose.

McKenna Ryan Jingle Bear Rock

Happy Saturday!  May you get a few quiet moments throughout your day to take some stitches too.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Being at

widdershins.  That’s me.  For a variety of reasons.  I can not make a commitment nor dedicate time to beginning a major new sewing project.  That said, I must, mUsT, MUST sew or do something sewing EVERY day!!!

Do you remember the stars from scraps post I did a while back?  Having something prepped and ready to sew.  Something that is easy.  Portable.  Small. This is what I’ve been doing and if fills my NEED…

We are having spectacular weather!!!  Enjoy your Saturday and take a few stitches when you can.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam