morning!?  : )  I have begun to put away Christmas gifts.  I really like everything I got!!!  Everything fits!  No need for exchanges or returns.  <contented sigh>

Yesterday, our weather was such that I could hang wash out to dry.  : )  So, ALL the Amy Butler Love, Kaffe’s and Kona’s were out on my lines.  It was VERY colorful indeed and made me smile.  I enjoy the smell of fresh line dried laundry.  Mmmm!  There’s nothing like it!?  Today, I need to make room on my shelves for the new fabrics!  I also can start thinking about my next project and finishing up some that have been lingering.

Later today I will make jambalaya.  The leftovers from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals will morph.  I have that stock I made too.  Yum.  It’s windy, cloudy and colder here today…a perfect day for a big pot of jambalaya!  : D  Once the jambalaya is in the pot I’ll be ready to SEW!!!

I missed free motion Thursday last week.  So, I hope to do a little practicing today.  Also, I am planning to add the pieced sashing to my three circle borders for the Flower Pots project.  Then I will add said sashed borders to the quilt top!  I still need to applique the circles to the fourth border yet.  I’m getting there though!  Thanks for your patience and encouragement!!!

May your home be filled with love and sewing today too!  Throw something in the crock pot, grab a cup of coffee and come sew with me!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam