Making a bit of progress on my Roseville Album block.

Sleepy-bye Jingle Bert...



















Piecefully, Pam

Color and happy











This is the other side of that red door.  ; )  The little Plink curtain and yellow walls bring a smile even on this Wintry day.







Meet Zelda.  Jingle’s new squeeze.  ; )  She’s gonna be a big girl…!?








More circles added.  I often use old pie tins, cake pans and muffin cups to corral my sewing bits.

I am glad I am not afraid of color.  It makes me smile, adds magic to our home, and brightens the grey days of Winter.

Do you have a favorite color?

Piecefully, Pam

Ice circles.






























Be safe.  Weather…whether in the United States, Australia, Egypt or anywhere else in between.  It’s treacherous out there.  Enjoy your stitches and let them not only give piece, but may they bring peace too…


Piecefully, Pam

The circles of life.

Snow.  Shovel.  Repeat.  Snow.  Shovel.  Repeat.

Squeezed in a few circles, quick this afternoon, after shoveling and before work.

; )

Jingle has a new friend.  Zelda.  She’s a 13 week old Great Dane puppy.  Oh boy!!!  Together, and sometimes with Lucy too, they’ve been romping in the snow. We like the new neighbors, and their big dog too!  Now if I could only remember my camera…

Be warm and stay safe!  Enjoy your day and the stitches you make.

Piecefully, Pam

A pot becomes

a vase.  This is what I have progressed to throughout the day.







I haven’t done this much stitching in a day in a l-o-n-g while.  It felt s-e-w good!!!

I vacuumed, made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, walked Jingle – twice, made pasta and homemade sauce too.  Not to mention the dishes.  ; )

Now, I’m ready for a glass of wine and some stitching…

May your evening be pleasant also.

Piecefully, Pam