Turquoise Turtles and Friends

by Karen Eckmeier

According to the artist’s statement, Karen kept dreaming about turquoise turtles. That was her impetus for making this quilt. Somehow, my dreams are so…sew NOT like this…?!

I LOVE the symbolism in Karen’s quilt.  Her use of American Indian imagery and things that hold special meaning to her.  I also like the graphic quality of the quilt and her use of color.

This quilt is entirely machine made. Again, according to her artist’s statement, it is straight stitch machine appliqued which was done at the time of quilting. Neat-o!

I hope you enjoy it too.  And by the way, sweet dreams…!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Lori – I’d happily take your Grandmother’s recipe for Banana Bread!   Thanks for the offer.