Used as an adjective:  heroiclarger-than-life.

I do not have children.  But, I DO care.  If you haven’t yet signed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution petition, I implore you to do so…NOW – please!  Please. Please?  It really does matter.  It is our future.  THE future…  Think about it and be honest.

Cooked with REAL ingredients, with love!  That ‘with love’ is the BEST part!  Not that REAL ingredients isn’t important too.  But, if you cook with love, it implies you care, and if you care, you would choose to cook with REAL ingredients!!!

If you can read, you CAN cook!  Trust me.  I KNOW!

Epic.  Kim McLean…let me say that again, Kim McLean(!!!) commented on my blog…?!  Be still my heart.


Enjoy your weekend.  My cut finger IS healing.  It isn’t severed nor continuing to bleed.  I finished the label for Rocco’s quilt.  ; )  Tomorrow we go to visit my Mom.  Prayers.  Peace.  Grace.

Love to ALL of you!

Piecefully, Pam

BIG and small. Fun and necessary. Stuff.

These are some things that have caught my eye or got my attention this week.

Sock monkey hat – how CUTE is that?!?!?!

Bunny peeps – perfectly adorable, calorie-free, smile inducing.  ; )

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – speaking of food…this is MIGHTY important!!!

Piecefully Hand Applique Yahoo Group – what a surprise this endeavor has been!  Thanks ALL!  : )  How did you find/discover my Yahoo Group…?!  Is it from here, my Piecefully blog?  Flick’r?  Word of mouth?  Or some other way?  Whatever it is, please, keep coming!  It’s FUN and a delight.

Updating my blog – posting a tutorial doesn’t come easy to me.  I’ve added a new one and updated/tweaked a couple others.  Any feedback you give would be SEW appreciated!  I think they’re clear and sensible, but it’s kind of like writing a term paper…I’ve read it SO many times I don’t see the mistakes and errors!?

Pressing matters – has anyone seen these?  Do you use one?  I wonder what they’re like…?!  Hmmm.

With a name like this – it shouts F-U-N to me!!!  ; )  I added to my sidebar for now too.

Happy Thursday!  May you enjoy a bit of sunshine and stitching.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam