BIG and small. Fun and necessary. Stuff.

These are some things that have caught my eye or got my attention this week.

Sock monkey hat – how CUTE is that?!?!?!

Bunny peeps – perfectly adorable, calorie-free, smile inducing.  ; )

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – speaking of food…this is MIGHTY important!!!

Piecefully Hand Applique Yahoo Group – what a surprise this endeavor has been!  Thanks ALL!  : )  How did you find/discover my Yahoo Group…?!  Is it from here, my Piecefully blog?  Flick’r?  Word of mouth?  Or some other way?  Whatever it is, please, keep coming!  It’s FUN and a delight.

Updating my blog – posting a tutorial doesn’t come easy to me.  I’ve added a new one and updated/tweaked a couple others.  Any feedback you give would be SEW appreciated!  I think they’re clear and sensible, but it’s kind of like writing a term paper…I’ve read it SO many times I don’t see the mistakes and errors!?

Pressing matters – has anyone seen these?  Do you use one?  I wonder what they’re like…?!  Hmmm.

With a name like this – it shouts F-U-N to me!!!  ; )  I added to my sidebar for now too.

Happy Thursday!  May you enjoy a bit of sunshine and stitching.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam