Henrietta Whiskers.

I am assembling some fabrics and notions for the newest Anne Sutton, Bunny Hill project.  What do you think…?










I have recently had a query about my Snowbound blocks and machine applique technique.  I usually prefer to do hand applique, but there is not enough time in my world for this technique exclusively.  So, for some projects I have chosen to do machine applique.  In 2009, when Anne Sutton first offered a free on-line BOM, A Tisket A Tasket, without hesitation I joined and immediately knew my blocks would be machine appliqued.

For these projects I have used a lite fusible web, decorative rayon threads and a machine blanket stitch.  I must admit to not being a big fan of fusibles.  After several different projects and attempts, my fusible of choice is Heat ‘n Bond lite, hands down!!!

I “window pane” my fusible applique shape before it is pressed to my fabric.  I want my project to be soft, not stiff and hard.  Many times applique shapes are layered, the more fusible, the more stiff the piece becomes.

When using a fusible, the pattern must be reversed.  If not, your block/project will be the mirror image of the original design.  So, I trace the design on the other side of the pattern and use that reversed design to trace the fusible shapes I will need.  If this isn’t making much sense, or seems confusing, do it a couple times and you will see what I mean.

Here, Henrietta Whiskers has been traced on the opposite side of Anne Sutton's pattern, and the applique shapes for this block have been traced onto Heat 'n Bond lite.










The fusible shapes are cut out and some already window paned. You will see that I draw shapes inside of others. Also, the are 3 leaves, all the same size, I drew one, stacked the fusible, stapled it in the center, then cut 3 shapes at one time.













I will continue to share my journey as I machine applique Henrietta Whiskers.  Thank you for your interest, emails, comments and friendship.  ; )  Enjoy your Friday and 2011.

Piecdefully, Pam