Furnishing a home

at the Beach…

For much of my life I have never had the option of buying new…furniture, clothes, etc.  So, when I go into most stores, or (God forbid!) a Mall, I am overwhelmed and intimidated. However, I am a very versed thrift and second hand shopper.  I have grown to love the appeal and feel of vintage.  I have turned my bargains into my own individual “style” and it works for me, us, and our home.  ; )

We need some furniture for our home at the Beach.  Bed rooms especially.  We went to a couple new furniture stores and left empty handed.  We did find a wonderful co-op antique mall though.  We bought two night stands for our bedroom and a WONDERFUL chair to use in our (temporary) studio space.  We couldn’t be more pleased!!!  Heywood and Wakefield and a Danish modern recliner.  Perfect!

How do you furnish your home?  What is comfortable to you?

I have decided to go with Beach colors – lime green, orange, aqua, hot pink, red, tempered with grey and black and wood tones.  We’ll see how things continue to evolve…  Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

Heywood and Wakefield night stands with orange lamps from Target!

Danish modern recliner with ORANGE curtains...?! Outrageous!?

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  That Danish modern recliner is GREAT for hand applique!  ; )