Hand applique

home construction and landscaping!  I am working on my third Kim McLean Roseville Album block.  I have “constructed” much of my house prior to placing it on the background fabric.  Using unit construction I sewed the straight edge of the roof to the house top and sewed two of the four chimneys in place, the other two are glued in position.

The windows have been reverse appliqued.

Reverse appliqued windows

reverse appique

I am getting ready for the landscaping too!  I will use my bridging technique for the trees which will help me maintain their shape without distortion as I sew.

buildin a home and doing landscaping with hand applique

Piecefully, Pam


Hey!  Thanks for the Etsy info.  I will investigate further, and I am looking forward to it.  : )  I really appreciate your comments and emails.  You each were a help.

The wool sort of worked.  Well, it wasn’t a raging failure.  I think with some different kinds of wool, more experience and some experimenting it may be quite fun.  I will definitely try it again.  Sometime.

We are continuing to keep our fingers crossed and are chanting a mantra of + juju and good thoughts.  We did get GOOD news yesterday.  HoOrAy!!!  Lots of balls in the air…

Meanwhile, I’ve been finding time to stitch.  Stitching brings me sanity and balance.  Stitching is SEW necessary!!!  I sewed some of my Roseville Album pieces that had been glued in place.  I’ll soon be ready to add more.  Here’s what it’s looking like!

Enjoy your day.  May stitching bring some balance to your life as well!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Hmmm.  Looking at that top bird…is he too flamboyant?! I can not decide if the tail and wing fabric is just too much?  Maybe a striped tail and solid colored wings instead…


I made the laundry basket liner and clothespin bag. I LOVE them!!! : )
It came in the mail and I added MITERED borders! Thanks for YOUR help!!!
I received this amazing rainbow of delight in the post too. ; ) YUMMY!!!

More later.  I hope you’re enjoying your day.  Our weather is SPECTACULAR!!!

Picefully, Pam