Birds of a


I am having such a wonderful time stitching my Roseville Album!  : )

Also, I have begun the development of a blog for this (and other Kim McLean) projects.  Please be patient with me.  I will keep you posted and let you know when it’s ready.  Meanwhile, wish me luck, and feel free to pitch any ideas you might wish to share or have included…

Thanks for dropping by!  Enjoy your day.  And, Jenny, it is hard to imagine 15 C while we’ve been in the 90’s F for a couple weeks now?!  Keep cool or stay warm, depending on where your little neck of the woods is!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Going’s on.

We have humming birds!!!  ; )  It’s taken about two weeks, but we saw a little one feeding early last evening.  What a small miracle they are?!  Absolutely riveting and amazing to watch.  Joy!

A bit of Kim McLean news.  It is my understanding Kim’s Roseville Album is to become available in two – three weeks.  Taking us to the end of this month.  So, keep an eye on for the release!  ; )  Her Stars and Sprigs pattern is to be released in about three months…September?!  And, Flower Garden is expected to come available in December.  That’s the latest news as I know it!  Get your needles and fabrics ready!!!

This morning, while everyone has been in quiet slumber (including the cat!), I finished machine quilting the Joyful Mitered Boxes baby quilt.  I’m thinking an orange binding…but, solid colored, polka dots, or a mix?!  And, I REALLY like the backing fabric!

I had another small finish this week.  One of Lori Smith‘s patterns.  My version of a modern Whig Rose using Kaffe and Amy Butler fabrics.  This is just a small quilt, and it was an experiment.  I’m glad it’s done!

I will be moving onto a hand applique project.  A McKenna Ryan design.  I’ve never done one of her pieces, and very willingly offered to needle turn hand applique this block for Momma Barb.  It’s Jingle Bear Rock.  LOOK at those jagged pieces!!!  It’s a really good thing I LOVE her so/sew much!!!  ; )  Wish me luck with this one.  Have you experience working with McKenna Ryan blocks?  Do you have any tips or thoughts to offer?  I’m all ears!

Here are some photos to go along with the above mentioned projects…

Orange binding? What do you think...?

My Modern Whig Rose.

McKenna Ryan Jingle Bear Rock

Happy Saturday!  May you get a few quiet moments throughout your day to take some stitches too.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

There’s more where that came from!

I put all nine of my Bunny Hills blocks up tonight and snapped a pix.  Just three more to go.  I wonder what the baskets will be filled with…?!  There are finishing instructions for the sashing, etc, but I haven’t looked at them yet.  Have you?  I feel like I want to wait until all my blocks are done before I look at the finishing details.  Besides, I’m having TOO much fun each month making the newest block!  : )  I don’t want to think about the end.

DSCN2388It’s chilly tonight.  A definite change in the weather!  Quite noticeable while walking Jingle.  I planned ahead and had a pot of chili ready for dinner this evening!  : D  It was excellent to walk in the door after our walk and smell the yummy goodness.  A perfect pot of chili on a chilly night!  ; )

Tuck in.  Make a nice cup of tea.  And, take a few relaxing stitches!  Enjoy your evening and thanks for stopping by.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Have you seen THIS?!?!?!  It could possibly be the death of me…Pure marketing GENIUS!!!  Thanks to Anita at the Bloomin’ Workshop for sharing the info and link!!!