and sew it begins…

This is my first large scale hand appliqué project and commitment since moving to the beach. I am inspired by my DE Modern Quilt Guild mates, and after several months of hemming and hawing, here goes!

This is a Wendy Williams project, Round the Garden. From my perspective, the Aussie women are fearless of quilt…size, color, complexity, design… I LOVE that and wish to learn/develop this trait!

I am using a repurposed piece of linen as my background fabric. (THANK YOU Sue B!!!) First, I have never used linen in an appliqué project. And, second, I have never appliquéd with such a BIG piece of background fabric.

This pattern is available from Wendy’s website, Flying Fish, and it has been showcased in the drool-worthy Simply Moderne quilt magazine.

Below are pix and captions as I begin this adventure…


My slow start began several months ago.



Pressing the large piece of linen, for the background of this project, and paying attention to where the slubs were located.


Beginning to measure and mark the background…with a little help from my Pixie friend.




Drawn and sewn registration marks and guidelines.


The tree, cut from a piece of repurposed vanilla linen (again, THANK YOU Sue B!!!), glue basted in place and awaiting hand appliqué…

I am aware that blogging is passe. And that these days, instant gratification is the preferred media feed, but guess what…hand appliqué is slow. There is a slow movement these days too with it’s own group of in vogue believers and followers. So, if you find that I’m not too slow or antiquated, I’d be happy to share this project with you as I slow stitch my way Round the Garden. Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

Always, Piecefully Pam