I have been living here for 3 months.  Without my soul mate.  With the cat and dog.  No car.  A bike.  No TV.

In the span of a week we experienced an earthquake, a hurricane and a tornado.  This is the first town first state.  We survived.  We are thankful, and most certainly, we count our blessings.  Daily.

I have been assigned to mandatory overtime for 3 months, since moving here.  It has been lifted.  Perhaps I will once again know the luxury of time…

This evening is the first, in more than 3 months, that I can just sit.  Relax.  Reflect.  Stitch.  Blog.  Sip a glass of wine.  While I should be running the vacuum cleaner and baking brownines.  Instead, I am appreciating the peace.

That said, we are not at a place where we can rest.  We have lowered the price of our home.  We are hopeful that it may sell.  This has been the worst Summer for the Real Estate market, according to our Realtor, who is a second generation Realtor.  Fingers crossed that it sells, many prayers and some + juju too.

It is daunting to think about living here by myself over the Winter.  I miss my partner!  Truly.

Were it not for babies, there would have been no quilting or sewing.  I finished a Star baby quilt for my Super-visor!  I am in the process of making receiving blanks, bibs and a sock monkey for my Boss.  All things take time…

May you enjoy your evening.  Whatever you may be doing.  I think of each of you fondly and often.  Take a few stitches when you get the chance.

Love ❤

Piecefully, Pam

My process of making applesauce.

A Sock Monkey receiving blanket.

Starfish in the wake of hurricane Irene

A Star baby quilt for Leo

Beach Ball art.


Hey!  Thanks for the Etsy info.  I will investigate further, and I am looking forward to it.  : )  I really appreciate your comments and emails.  You each were a help.

The wool sort of worked.  Well, it wasn’t a raging failure.  I think with some different kinds of wool, more experience and some experimenting it may be quite fun.  I will definitely try it again.  Sometime.

We are continuing to keep our fingers crossed and are chanting a mantra of + juju and good thoughts.  We did get GOOD news yesterday.  HoOrAy!!!  Lots of balls in the air…

Meanwhile, I’ve been finding time to stitch.  Stitching brings me sanity and balance.  Stitching is SEW necessary!!!  I sewed some of my Roseville Album pieces that had been glued in place.  I’ll soon be ready to add more.  Here’s what it’s looking like!

Enjoy your day.  May stitching bring some balance to your life as well!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Hmmm.  Looking at that top bird…is he too flamboyant?! I can not decide if the tail and wing fabric is just too much?  Maybe a striped tail and solid colored wings instead…

Going’s on.

We have humming birds!!!  ; )  It’s taken about two weeks, but we saw a little one feeding early last evening.  What a small miracle they are?!  Absolutely riveting and amazing to watch.  Joy!

A bit of Kim McLean news.  It is my understanding Kim’s Roseville Album is to become available in two – three weeks.  Taking us to the end of this month.  So, keep an eye on gloriouscolor.com for the release!  ; )  Her Stars and Sprigs pattern is to be released in about three months…September?!  And, Flower Garden is expected to come available in December.  That’s the latest news as I know it!  Get your needles and fabrics ready!!!

This morning, while everyone has been in quiet slumber (including the cat!), I finished machine quilting the Joyful Mitered Boxes baby quilt.  I’m thinking an orange binding…but, solid colored, polka dots, or a mix?!  And, I REALLY like the backing fabric!

I had another small finish this week.  One of Lori Smith‘s patterns.  My version of a modern Whig Rose using Kaffe and Amy Butler fabrics.  This is just a small quilt, and it was an experiment.  I’m glad it’s done!

I will be moving onto a hand applique project.  A McKenna Ryan design.  I’ve never done one of her pieces, and very willingly offered to needle turn hand applique this block for Momma Barb.  It’s Jingle Bear Rock.  LOOK at those jagged pieces!!!  It’s a really good thing I LOVE her so/sew much!!!  ; )  Wish me luck with this one.  Have you experience working with McKenna Ryan blocks?  Do you have any tips or thoughts to offer?  I’m all ears!

Here are some photos to go along with the above mentioned projects…

Orange binding? What do you think...?

My Modern Whig Rose.

McKenna Ryan Jingle Bear Rock

Happy Saturday!  May you get a few quiet moments throughout your day to take some stitches too.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Returning to

work.  Winter Break is over.  I am glad to have a job to go to.  At the same time, if I NEVER had to work another day in my life I wouldn’t miss it.

We have a hectic schedule during the next week or so with work, meetings, appointments and other commitments, so I am trying to be well prepared.  Market and grocery shopping is done.  Cat and dog food, treats and accoutrements have been replenished.  Laundry is caught up.  All of the holiday decorations have been stowed away for another year.  Yesterday and today I’ve been busy in the kitchen making lasagna…one to freeze, one in the oven…right now…it SMELLS good!!!  And, I made a banana bread/Bundt cake too.

Winter Break was EXCELLENT!!!  : )  I accomplished more sewing than I imagined and it has been absolutely WONDERFUL!!!  ; )  Yesterday morning I had another “Enfin!” Several years ago, toward the start of my quilting odyssey, I began a Kaffe Fassett project called Pastel Bubbles.  Now, I finally have a completed top!!!

I am glad to have finished my Santa’s Blessings, A Tisket A Tasket and now the Pastel Bubbles quilt tops!  These will be my “practice” pieces in continued preparation for quilting my (also completed!!!) Flower Pots top!!!  I didn’t plan it this way, it’s just how it worked out.  Serendipity…karma…whatever, I’ll take it!

So, I won’t be posting multiple times a day as ‘real life’ and work set in, again.  I am looking forward to sharing my quilting projects and progress with you, just at a slower rate.  ; )

Meanwhile, here are pix from my kitchen…

Time to eat!  : D

Piecefully, Pam


Hello and Happy NEW Year!!!  : )

Yesterday’s Peace was brought to you by my friend and our Queen Bee, Jean! The Quilt Mamas had their annual Holiday Extravaganza/Bee Bash on Wednesday evening.  We exchanged Secret Santa gifts and Jean made the PEACE wall hanging for me.  : )  I just LOVE it!!!  Isn’t it super?!  Check out those FAB fabrics!!! Thanks SEW much Jean!

Last evening, I also wanted to link to Peace and Love by Fountains of Wayne.  I’ll give it another whirl.  Give a click and see if it works.  : )

OK, seems like the yesterday’s technical difficulties have been resolved.  I am loving 2010!  How ’bout you?!

I wanted to share a New Year’s tradition we have in our home.  Throughout the year we keep a ‘Memory Jar.’  It’s kept in our living room in a spot that’s easy to reach and in plain sight.  We place important stuff in the jar during the year…a birth announcement, wedding invitation, movie/concert/ticket stubs, color swatches, birthday cards, fortune cookie fortunes, and the like.  You get the idea.  Then, on New Year’s Eve, after dinner and with a glass of something nice, we take turns pulling memories from the jar and sharing them.  It’s our year in review.  Sometimes those memories can bring tears or laughter.  Today, we are continuing to pull memories from the jar.  Once the jar is empty, we place our Christmas cards inside and begin our New Year of memories all over again!  It is a tangible way to remind us just how good the year has been.  Together, we can express our gratitude and celebrate last year while anticipating what the new year may hold…  Here’s looking forward to the days ahead!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

2009 Memory Jar

Feeling dizzy.

I am still doing unit construction to create the circle circle units I need for the borders of my Flower Pots project.  But finally, I have decided to begin sewing finished circle circle units to the top border.  Yippee!!!  ; )  I’m making progress!!!

During my November Flower Pots class at Cloth & Bobbin, one of the student’s asked how I get such smooth finished edges on my applique shapes?  Then she turned over the piece.  I have asked the students to refrain from looking at the backs of my blocks…  I did not START this way!  I have been doing hand applique for about eight years now, I think?!  My skills have evolved enough for me to feel comfortable stitching and I enjoy the entire process of hand applique.  I remember asking my (BEST EVER!) Mother-In-Law if applique shapes are to look like they’re floating on the surface of the background block or like they’re a part of it?  I believe she was a bit flummoxed at my query.  She said, “Either.  It depends on the look you’re going for.”  During classes with teachers like; Karen Kay Buckley, Jane Townswick (no blog or website), Sharon Schamber and Becky Goldsmith it has been reinforced the stitches you make are to be small. You’re only to catch a thread or two with each stitch and take your next stitch a couple threads away from where you just stitched.  OK.  I listened to all that.  I practiced and I am satisfied with my results.  Remember, it’s taken me eight’ish years.  So, it’s daunting for a beginner to look at the back of my hand applique blocks.  Here’s what they see…










Two down, only 38 more to go!  ; )

Enjoy your Monday.  Make time to take a few stitches!

Piecefully, Pam

My sashed Flower Pots block #6

is DONE!!!  : )  I have it pinned to the already constructed body of my Flower Pots quilt top and hope to finish sewing all 6 applique blocks and pieced sashing together this afternoon.  I have been continuing to work on my circle unit construction for the borders.  I have my borders folded and pressed in preparation for glue basting and then more hand applique.  I’m GETTING there!!!




Our turkey is in the oven.  : D  I made a sourdough and sausage stuffing with fresh picked rosemary.  Scott cut 2 small apples and a pear in half and I placed them down along the sides of my (Grand Mother’s) old roasting pan.  We also tied up 2 bundles of fresh parsley and rosemary and added them to the roaster too!  The stuffing is moistened with wine.  No eggs, no butter, no milk.  The remainder of the bottle of wine went into the bottom of the roaster too.  It’s beginning to SMELL good here!  I took my baked pineapple casserole out of the oven when the turkey went in.

I’m glad for today’s sunshine.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.  May it be delicious!?