Progress, play and pain.

I worked from home for a few hours this evening, but managed to take a few stitches in the morning.  No trip to Burkholder’s or Sauder’s.  Scott’s back went out and he has VERY limited mobility.  Guess what?  That means that I have to go to visit my Mom without him tomorrow.  I’ll be practicing G.R.A.C.E.  Wish me luck.  I will NEED it.


; )

Piecefully, Pam

HiP hIp

HoOrAy!!!  : )  I got the three circle borders and their pieced sashing sewn to my Flower Pots quilt top!!!  It took me longer than I wanted it to.  (I must admit that a second glass of wine got in the way last evening.)  I have the fourth circle border ready for hand applique and may choose the sashing squares this evening before I begin sewing that fourth border.  I only have wonky looking pictures to share so far.  The quilt is downstairs on a giant table…the angles of the photos are odd and the quilt is folded to fit on the table.  but, here’s how it looks today…

Piecefully, Pam


Last night’s jambalaya was yummy!  It will be even better tonight ’cause it’s COLD and WINDY here!!!

Free motion Thursday…

I did some free motion quilting practice throughout the week, but set aside specific time for free motion quilting on Thursday evening.  Earlier in the week I cleaned and oiled my sewing machine.  I filled a couple bobbins.  Threaded my machine and was set to go…SEW!  Here are the results…

Then, feeling a bit gutsy and wishing to continue my free motion evolution, I got out a ‘real’ quilt sandwich.  I wanted to:  >use the leaf veins as a quilting guide, >not mark a quilting design, >not alter my thread tension at all, and quilt with a rayon thread!?!?!?  Here are those results…

This entire piece has been an experiment…>using a traditional (Whig Rose) pattern with non-traditional fabrics, >doing machine applique, >using a machine blanket stitch, >sewing with rayon thread.

Well, there you have it.  I’m not ThRiLlEd with my results.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been successful, but at least I AM trying new things.  I am forcing my way out of MY box.  I WANT to learn and grow as a quilter.  And, while not perfect, it’s FUN and I am enjoying the process and journey!  ; )

So…sew, Happy TGIF!!!  We are headed to our first Holiday Bash this weekend.  : )  It will be FUN, and apparently, snow filled too!  May you get a few minutes of sewing time and tea sipping.  ; )

Piecefully and with Merriment, Pam

Thursday evenings

are reserved for machine quilting practice.  Sometimes I practice machine quilting on other days too.  Last time I practiced I did NOT have a good session.  It seemed like everything I was learning had left my brain, my hands, my foot and my sewing machine.  So…sew, I was not especially motivated to practice last evening.  Then…I was emailed photos from my Flower Pots students!!!  Feeling encouraged, I set aside my doubts and went to my sewing machine and practiced!!!  Thanks gals.  : )  I NEEDED that!

A FAR cry from Diane Gaudynski, I will NOT improve nor learn if I don’t try, if I don’t practice.  So, my tension is not good, and my stitch length needs work, but I am beginning to feel a rhythm.  I am trying to figure out the syncronization between my hands, my right foot, the speed and sound of my sewing machine while attempting to override my brains willingness to hiccup, pause or think.

Here’s my practice from last evening…

Happy TGIF!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam


first thing in the morning while the rest of the house is still in a quiet slumber is one of my most favorite things!!!  I completed another circle unit this morning.  I think I have seven more to go…?  I also sewed another circle onto the top border of my Flower Pots project.  One more to stitch to finish that border.  Hooray!!!  : )

The project is growing beyond my design wall!!!  It’s now difficult to get a picture with the entire quilt in the frame.  I’m NOT complaining though!  ; )

May you have some quiet time to sew today too.  Enjoy your weekend!

Piecefully, Pam