Master bathroom renovation, sock monkey armada, gardening and the like

Our master bathroom renovation is complete (the pic below is not quite the actual “completed” version, but close enough)! By repurposing, making careful choices and doing ALL the work himself this renovation was done on a shoestring budget. Best of all, we are WAY pleased with the results and everything works!!!

Master bathroom renovation

I am mulling over a new shower curtain with a sea-life theme. A tear sheet from a recent Land of Nod catalog has served as tangible inspiration. Now to translate what I see in my minds eye into a pleasing bit of bathroom interest and perhaps even “art”…

Shower curtain inspiration

A sock monkey armada. Yep. I told Scott that was what I was going to make. We’ve been facing some negative forces and I am in need of some levity. These spots, dots, stripes, and colors turned into monkeys = FUN and smiles!!! I have the details to do yet – stuffin’, ears, hats, nose/mouths, eyes and tails. The more the merrier. : D

Sock monkey armada

It’s snowing outside at this moment. Has Winter not had enough? Despite the forecast, I planted seeds yesterday afternoon. The soil was loamy and rich. In went cuke, leek, beet, radish, lettuce and cosmos seeds all covered with a blanket of leaves. When beach combing during our morning walks, I have been known to collect broken discarded pieces of hurricane fencing. I have this hammered into the ground around my kitchen herb garden to create a bit of a fence. Another new-found use? Garden markers! I LOVE this idea – it is practical, makes good use of discarded material and is so Beach-y. ; ) I used a big Sharpie marker to print the name of what’s planted in that row and hammered the marker into place. Perfect. Between the rows you can see cuttings from some ornamental grasses in other garden beds. The grasses need to be cut back annually to encourage new healthy growth, and that organic matter has been turned into a “foot path” so as not to compact the ground in the planted areas yet provide a space for one to step in and garden or kneel comfortably. We’ll see how the garden continues to evolve, now that the structure is complete and we’ve been settling in…

March gardening

In other new, the puppet theater was unveiled yesterday. It was a resounding success and Uncle Scott was deemed a Super Hero. ; )

Piecefully, Pam

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