Hello there January 2014!!!

After a hiatus, the Holidays, decision making and the arrival of ordered bits and parts, there is forward progress in the master bathroom project… We live in a modular home that was constructed in the early 1980s. Our home was/is well made and the construction materials are of a better grade than those of today. With that in mind, we looked at what HAD to be replaced and what could continue to be used. As you already know, the old cracked fiberglass shower had to GO! As did the warped linoleum floor!

We’ve been using the new (Scott) tiled shower since Thanksgiving, and just LOVING it! He has recently begun to work on tiling the floor. Things are dry fitted for now and the thin set cementing may begin tomorrow. This will be done in stages. Afterwards will come the grouting and will also likely be done in stages. As you can see, the vanity, sink and toilet have been removed in preparation for tiling the floor.

master bathroom tile floor

We need a vanity and sink that is higher than the one we have. In looking at what was available, the quality and cost, we decided to keep the vanity we have, but install legs to elevate it. It will also get a new top, and again, for purposes of elevation, we decided to go with a sink that will sit atop the counter. So, the new legs have arrived, as did the new faucet, but the sink is on backorder. This is probably a good thing!

mbr tile floor

And, guess what, I have been eeking out some sewing time!!! HoOrAy!!!  : ) My quilting hoop is out of storage and I have been taking a few quilting stitches when I can. Plus, I have done some hand applique prep work on my Roseville Album block and am taking some applique stitches as time permits too!!! And, if that isn’t enough…we were issued a Guild Challenge/Project (that is due tomorrow) and I got my top together.


At the top of the Roseville Album block, there is a bit of the sea glass crack peeking out…fun!!!


Here’s to welcoming in the New Year.Blessings to all!!!

Piecefully, Pam

2 thoughts on “Hello there January 2014!!!

  1. The tile looks great. I like the quilt projects too! Where is your guild? That’s so cool! What was the challenge? Can’t wait to see that finished!! Peace….Happy New Year to you and Scott.

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