October progress and projects

Finding time to slow down, just a little, to take the time to do those “small” projects…?!

Our mailbox was unattractive.  It had been painted the same mesquite color the shutters were, once upon a time.  The mailbox sort of sets the tone from the curb, and since the “tone” here has been evolving, it was time to indulge that mailbox.

shcnazzy "new" mailbox

And, our master bath had a leak.  The old shower was a 1980’s fiberglass surround that had cracked and worsened.  The floor was warping and the situation needed to be addressed, sooner than later.

mbr shower

While the studio project has been a once in a lifetime adventure, Scott and I are not unfamiliar with DIY projects, and our master bath was going to be a new one.  Tile.  Taking out the shower equated to walls and floor going down to the studs and floor joists…  There was some doing, some UN-doing and some re-doing, and it’s far from finished.  But, we’re making progress, pleased with the results and still in LOVE!

subway tile

subway tile + black skinny borders

Meanwhile, I take a few stitches when I can, have been prepping our garden areas for the colder weather, continue to take Jingle to the Beach regularly, do overtime cases and not only live life, but truly LOVE it…EVERY day!!!

gulls at The Point

Every day is an adventure and a blessing!!!

Piecefully, Pam

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