A change in weekend plans

and a trip to Ikea…

We have been indecisive about the book cases, modular storage or window seating we wish to use in the studio.  This is VERY unlike us.  We usually KNOW precisely what we want.  Somehow, at this juncture, we’ve been able to articulate what we don’t want and then stalled.

Scott said, “Let’s keep it simple.  Stick with something we know. And make a decision.”  He measured. Then he browsed the online Ikea catalog while I was at work.  He made notes, and after work, we looked at choices and options (up on the big screen).

The following day we took a trip back to familiar territory…

trip to Ikea

This may not be the longterm solution, but it is an affordable, useful, functional intermediate launch. We will assemble and use these pieces. Evaluating our storage and use needs while continuing to evolve our space.  ; )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. We’ve heard from Russell.  A BIG project of his finishes up in a few days.  He’ll be able to move our project forward, hopefully to completion, before too long.  We are looking forward to sails and a mud room!!!


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