Sewing with laminated

fabric wasn’t as difficult as I had expected.  I used a 70/10 sharps needle and cotton thread.  I lengthened my stitch length to 3 and sewed at a medium speed.  There was a bit of drag with my presser foot and sewing table, but going slowly helped to minimize the effect.

The laminated fabric wasn’t wide enough for the shower opening and I did not want to seam it.  So, I added borders.  I have been wanting to make a FUN Beach related shower curtain for the hall bath and now I have!  : )

Fishy shower curtain

Piecefully, Pam



One thought on “Sewing with laminated

  1. Hi Pam! The shower curtain looks GREAT! Is the polka dot fabric laminated also? Did you buy it online! I have seen a few laminated fabrics around, but not those.

    Hooe your yard sale went well! We all miss you!!

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