Easter weekend and no April Fools…

I finished the Jingle Bear block for Momma Barb (aka Mimi) and borrowed Rocco’s Robot quilt to stitch the label in place!!!  🙂  HIP HIP HOPPITY HoOrAy!!!

We had an Egg Hunt in our backyard. And the (traditional?!) vegetarian lasagne yesterday.  Don’t ask.  We just so happen to be a combined family of non-traditionalists and thankfully it works for us!  : )

We hard cooked eggs that didn’t get painted.  Will they yet be colored/decorated and in Egg Fights or no…?!  Their destiny hangs in the balance and I’ll keep you posted.

Cioppino is on tonight’s menu.  YUM!  And, chocolate cake with pb icing.  Double YUM!

I am hoping your Easter weekend was FUN and AWESOME.  Traditional or no, it really doesn’t matter as long as you spent it with those you love and did the  things that are important to you and yours.




Piecefully, Pam


One thought on “Easter weekend and no April Fools…

  1. Doesn’t Rocco look sharp! What a cutie! Glad you guys had a nice day…..spring is on the way….the beach walks will be nicer! Take care…..

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