Adding Robot 5 to

the mix.  ; )  This one took a bit of doin’ and re-doin’. The fabric choices have (finally!) been made and Robot 5 is fused…awaiting stitching!  This one will be sewn with blue thread.

Robot 5 in the mix

Vernon’s text said he’ll be here in the morning to “cap” the outdoor shower.  The metal cap will be shaped into a spiral and riveted into place.  This was the design challenge that intrigued him the most with our entire (metal) project.  The weather forecast is rain – 100% chance tomorrow.  Not nice enough to work on a roof.  Capping a shower…in a shower…?!

Piecefully, Pam


One thought on “Adding Robot 5 to

  1. The robots are terrific – love the colors!!I love picking out the colors and putting all those little pieces together to make a picture – isn’t it fun?! Can’t wait to see it finished….

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