Patching a hole and beginning

Robot #2…

The Typosphere background fabric for the Robot quilt had a chunk taken out of the bottom.  When Scott saw it he said, “Oh, that will make a great place to applique a planet!”  Since Robot #2 is going at the bottom right of the quilt, I needed to patch that hole today.  So…sew, this is how it looked at the beginning.

Patching a hole

and, this is how it looks “patched and planet-ed” and with Robo Two fused into position.

Robo #2 + patched planet

Oh, I almost forgot!  I have a finish to share too.  : )  Last night I completed the baby quilt for Barret George.  I quilted “beach words” into the pale green row and “inspiration words” into the last row.  I hadn’t free motion quilted in a l.o.n.g time and I was a bit nervous stitching words.  I did stitch the word believe twice and had to do a bit of frogging, but overall the stitching went better than I had expected and I liked the end result very much.  Today the quilt got laundered and gifted.  Mama Maureen cried!  Ya gotta LOVE that.  

Barret George's baby Log Cabin quilt

Yay!!!  Here’s to stitching and sewing.  : )  I hope you had some finishes this weekend too…!?

Piecefully, Pam


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