testing…I am in a pilot project at work doing beta testing for a new computer program that our department will eventually implement.  It’s interesting, but challenging and by the end of the day my brain is fried and mushy!

I need SIMPLE.  And, I NEED sewing.  A fashionista friend just had a baby boy and I decided to make a log cabin baby quilt.  And, while I’m at it, I decided making two is better than making one.  So…sew…  I have five’ish more rounds of strips to sew on.  The baby quilt will be one BIG log cabin block.  Simple AND sewing.  ; )


Meanwhile, I have been taking stitches on the Momma Barb block and this is where I am.  But, not quite as much sewing on it when simple and easy is what is called for…


Piecefully, Pam

Being labelled.

Nearly three years later, the finished quilt gets its label!!!  : )


They’ve been separated, packed, unpacked and still separated. Alas, they’ve been joined!!!  Taking a few stitches <every> day.  ; )

Enjoy the stitches you make today, and keep WARM!!!

Piecefully, Pam

A shower in 18 degree weather…

It was a cold dog walk on the Beach this morning!  The sand was “crunchy”, there were white caps on the Bay and the wind was downright frigid.

It’s too cold and icy to work on a roof, so Vernon and his crew are here, working on constructing the frame for our outdoor shower!!!  Vernon had already made the spiral platform.  They will affix the platform to the patio and build the shower frame from there.  Vernon’s plan is to get the framing done and house wrap on it today.  They brought the siding too (and we are tickled with the colors!!!) with the plan to side the interior and exterior shower as their schedule permits and Mother Nature dictates.  No rush, I don’t think we’ll be using it for quite some time yet…




Piecefully, Pam


We challenged Russell to use the “up” space.  Scott is tall.  He always says the world is built for short people.

We wanted accessible floor space without having to move a lot of furniture and stuff…for our nephew to play, for me to pin baste a quilt, for the dog to stretch out and just for the sake of space.

And, we had an inclination to use a vintage rolling library ladder…’cause they’re cool.

As we’ve been unpacking and moving into the studio space, this is how things look…the “pods” are the “up” storage space, accessible via a vintage rolling library ladder.  There are seven pods altogether.  The furtherest three to the left are deep and allow space for a single mattress+. This provides the option to sleep “up”.  The deep pods have electrical outlets.  We have mattresses for two of those three sleeping pods.  They’ve not yet been used, and they may never be, but we wanted the choice.  Meanwhile, they can serve as storage.  ; )


To the left of this photo, on the wall opposite my desk, is my sewing area…see below…


To the left of this photo is Scott’s computer station and the “viewing wall.”  We do not have a television, at all.  Instead, Scott elected to go with a projector.  We can watch DVD’s and stream from the net.  The “screen” is eight feet.  He did ALL the research and wiring…HDMI, speakers, components, etc.  It’s crazy, but good.  Shelby and Jingle aren’t sure what to make of it yet…?!

I also have been trying to take a few stitches every day.  I am not always able to keep to that, but I am happy to report that I am making progress on Momma Barb’s hand applique block.  It’s a KILLER!!!  Seriously.  A KILLER.  But, stitches are stitches and I am GLAd for them!!!  : )


Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Has anyone ever been to Manila?  There is a remote possibility that I may travel there.  Any thoughts, recommendations or guidance you could share would be appreciated.  Thank you!


occurred on Wednesday.  We passed!  Scott and I may “officially” move into the studio space!!!  : )



It’s been surreal…  What an amazing, fun, exciting and astonishing process.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us.  ❤

There will be built in modular storage/bookcases yet.  We want to “live” in the space for a bit to help us decide on their construction and placement.  And, there will be art!!!  Again, just getting acclimated to the space before we start hanging pictures and such.

Outside elements are in various stages of completion.  Vernon is working to construct the frame for the shower. Russell is having the “mud room” steel elements manufactured.  The outdoor lighting, privacy sails and landscaping will come when the weather warms up.

Meanwhile, we are HERE, in the space and I am beginning to do some sewing…  I’m a little rusty, but it feels SEW good!!!  : )

Piecefully, Pam