Friday, 12212012

The “bad a$$” (Russell’s words!) step arrived…  En fin!!!  ; )

This had been a sticking point for us.  We couldn’t decide on the material for the step.  What I did know was that I didn’t want it to be wood.  Whatever the material, it needed to be 7 1/2 feet long, not slippy and not cost a fortune.  After a few false starts we decided on metal.  Dimpled for the non-slip feature with the added bonus of textured interest.

The metal originally selected was not manufactured in a thickness/grade appropriate for the weight bearing demand of a step.  Once Russell found sheet metal that did fit the bill, then the question became, “Do you want it powder coated?  It can be painted ANY color…and how ’bout RED!?”  Nope, we really just wanted the natural unpainted metal.  OK, that works and is easier!  Until…


Russell and the guys that do his metal work realized all their equipment and machines were calibrated to bend  24 inch wide sheets of metal, not 90 inch wide sheets of metal!  They needed to get to a place in their workload and job lists to be able to reset and recalibrate the machinery to accommodate a 90 inch width of sheet metal, and no one was certain when that was going to occur.

Russell had said, when the step is in production, he would call us and deliver the step the following day.  Apparently the metal guys start their work day early, 05:30!!!  At 06:30 Russell had a call from the shop to say they were setting up to bend the steps.  Hot dog!  Russell called us at 11:30 and said he’d be here in 2 hours with the bad a$$ steps!!!  Get ready.  OK!!!


Piecefully, Pam


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