Day #69, 12092012 and then some…

We finished the epoxy and sea glass project on Day #67, 12072012, at 8:30 PM.  It requires a full 72 hours to completely cure. Which means Scott will be applying the 6th application of linseed oil on Monday night while I am working.  Weather dependent that 6th layer should be dry enough for the final and 7th application of linseed oil on Tuesday.  After which, the floor will have it’s final screening (buffing and polishing) perhaps Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, and will require another 72 hours of minimal/light foot traffic…  We are racing a bit.

Meanwhile, this weekend Scott and I gave the BRB (big red beam) it’s second and final coat of red paint.  Which took Saturday (Day #68, 12082012) for the North side of the beam and Sunday (Day #69, 12092012) for the South side of the beam. Somehow, that second coat of paint really cleaned up and punctuated the beam.  It looks so crisp.  The space is beginning to “feel” like a room.  We’re really starting to believe it.  It seems like there is an end to the project and we are getting there…!!!???

We leave for the PA Christmas extravaganza on Friday afternoon.  On Monday Russell will be here.  (no rest for the weary!)  He’s bringing the stairs, frames for the sails and parts to erect the mud room.

So, before we leave for PA the floor needs to be DONE!  And, with luck, the North wall will have the baseboard trim installed, more if we’re REALLY lucky!  It depends on the floor, weather and drying time.

Rolling right along, literally, the rolling ladder track can now be installed, but the ladder can’t go up until the floor is actually completed.  The speakers and projector can be wired and set into place.  And, we did select a mud room “porch” light last evening.  On clearance no less.  The last one in stock.  They had to take down their display, as we purchased it…for 14 bucks!  ; )  That’s MY kind of shopping.  We are still looking for light fixtures for above three of the pods…they need to incorporate up and down lighting.  The ones we like are in the UK.  Uh oh…

All this and we are preparing for Christmas…uh, no tree and no cards.  We’re doing what we can.  It’s about priorities, time and what’s truly necessary.  Most of the gifts are wrapped for the PA extravaganza.  Scott baked bread tonight.  The cookies have been mixed.

Scott’s class finishes on Friday.  Just in time for the PA Christmas.  That, in and of itself, is a gift!

Did I mention, we need to buy a new car…?!  I am hoping it comes with 8 tiny reindeer…

Here’s how things looked throughout the weekend.  ; )

Day #69, 12092012

Day #69, 12092012

Some of the bit we've set into the crevices are from a local shipwreck from the mid 1700'!

Some of the bits we’ve set into the crevices are from a local shipwreck from the mid 1700’s…cool!

Day #69, 12092012

Arrived from Jackies Folk Art this week!!!  : )

Arrived from Jackies Folk Art this week!!! : )

Peace and holiday merriment to you and yours!  ; )  ❤

Piecefully, Pam

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