Day #61’ish, 11292012

The first coat of Robust Orange went up late yesterday afternoon and here’s how it’s looking this morning.  The hope is that the painters will finish today. Fingers crossed!

Day #61, 11282012

The big red beam will also get another coat of red.

Next, Scott and I will return to the floor.  We are waiting for Sherwin Williams to get the epoxy we need.  Using the epoxy, we will inlay the sea glass, give 2 more coats of linseed oil and screen.  THEN the floor will be done.  ; )

When the floor is done and the BRB has a second coat of red paint the Putnam rolling library ladder and track will be permanently installed!!!

Scott will place the baseboard trim.

The pellet stove is set for installation on Monday. And, the pellets have been delivered.  They’ve been stored in the garage…forty, fifty pound bags of ’em!!!

Dave will return to finish the electrical work.

The steps from the breezeway into the studio will be installed.

And then hopefully we can get our certificate of occupancy and move in.

Forward momentum continues.  : )

Piecefully, Pam

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