Day #59’ish, 11272012

Today the painting began, no thanks to a Russian driving a rental and an impounded truck…  Fiction isn’t this good!

Anyway, the base coat of flat paint has made an appearance.  It will go on everything.  Everything.  With the exception of the floor and windowpanes.  So, things are looking very white.

The windows and doors have no moulding.  They’ve been done in what’s called “drywall return” with metal fortified exterior corners.  Keeping with clean simple lines and a midcentury modern/industrial vibe, no moulding.  The window and door frames will be painted to match the wall color where they’re located.

Team Ted includes Roy and Bo.  They’re set to resume work tomorrow at 08:00.  Paint and brushes are much quieter than pneumatic hammers and circular saws…  ; )

Pellets are being delivered on Thursday.  A ton of them.  A ton.  Seriously.

Piecefully, Pam


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