Day # 58, 11172012

Russell brought his industrial floor sander/polisher…

Russell gives me the inservice on how to use the industrial sander.

Scott and I have held up the process.  We decided to do the floor ourselves.  We wanted to pay homage to the garage floor that it was and celebrate the studio floor that it will become.  The cracks we wished to emphasize needed to feel/be organic.  That meant a machine could not achieve the look we desired.  Scott chiseled 9 cracks.  It took a total of some 25+ hours to do.

We did not want to use acid on the floor.  Not to clean it and not to etch it either.  We did not want a new thin layer of concrete poured to make it “pretty”.  We simply cleaned the floor.  Scott tried spot cleaners on some of the “dirtier” splotches with very little impact.

We had a lengthy discussion between ourselves and with Russell about coating the floor with epoxy.  Nope.  Staying true to our roots and vision, we chose to use linseed oil.  The process takes longer and may be a bit more labor intensive. It is not nearly as “in vogue”, and people look at you like you’re crazy when you decline acid and epoxy over linseed oil and a sander.  Though we want a midcentury and industrial vibe, we do not want the kind of cement floors that live in Wal-Mart!!!

Through the years the floor will continue to age.  The patina will deepen with use, wear and maintenance.  The floor was cleaned, grind-ed, sanded, screened and has 5 applications of linseed oil.  So far…  We will wait to set sea glass until much of the painting is done.  After which, the floor will get 2 more coats of linseed oil and a final screening.  Whew!

Having our 2 1/2 year old nephew, Rocco, playing on the studio floor this weekend, we KNOW linseed oil was the right choice for us and the floor!!!  : )

All good things do take time and patience is a virtue indeed!!!

After the fifth application of linseed oil this is where we are!!!

So, we were not ready for the painter to come last week. We continued to work on the floor, and enjoy the holiday weekend, complete with family, friends and turkey!!!

Uncle Scott, Rocco and Jingle play Fruit Ninja…! ; )

Ted and his crew are slated to begin painting this week.  Raucous Orange, Eider White and Pearl Grey.  Hooray!  The pellet stove is also scheduled for delivery this week.  Hooray!  Installation of said pellet stove is set for 12/3.  Hooray!

We ARE getting there…!!!???  Hurry up!!!  Please.

Piecefully, Pam


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