Days # 55, 11132012 and #56, 11142012

Day # 55

We talked with Russell and decided on a threshold and step for the breezeway transition into the studio and visa versa.  Geez.  This has been quite the dilemma.  Good to have it resolved!!!  : )

Scott confirmed with Ted a start date for painting.

And, we signed the contract for the shower materials and installation.  Hooray!!!

Our local Marvin window distributor was out regarding a leak in the transom patio door during hurricane Sandy.  He’ll be back. (Hopefully, NOT as the Terminator!)

Meanwhile, Scott began “lightly sanding” the trusses for painting.

Day #56

Scott talked with Russell today.  They are planning for a time/date to “do” the cement floor.  It will be cleaned a bit ahead of time and then Scott and Russell will grind/sand, polish and then applications and inlay will follow.  The floor will essentially remain true to it’s roots as a garage floor, but be gussied up a bit to become a “new” studio floor.  ; )

Scott continued the light sanding of the trusses.

And, I have been practicing going UP and DOWN the r-o-l-l-i-n-g library ladder.  I am up to rung #6.  Soon ready to crawl into pod #1…

No pix, but our excitement continues to build as the project rolls forward!

Piecefully, Pam


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