Day #52, 1182012

Today is the eighteenth anniversary of me and Scott’s first date.  What a remarkable 18 years it has been.  Each day filled with love, surprises, fun and support.  ❤

Phil was given the final payment for the work he and Mickey did.  We have been very pleased.  Mickey came by to say so-long and give Jingle a cookie plus some ear rubs.  Mickey is truly a good egg and fine craftsman.  We will miss their daily influences, but will always admire and appreciate their talented labor and care in helping to create our studio space.

Meanwhile, Vernon’s two guys, Tony and Justin, are working to finish up the exterior cladding.  The intricacies of the mansard brown trim and outlining detail is tedious.  They carefully measure, sometimes more than twice, then bend, cut and fit the bits into place.  Once they’re finished, the only job remaining for Vernon will be the outdoor shower.  This will be no easy feat.  He will bend the interior and exterior metals into an ascending spiral.  This was one of the details of our project that challenged and inspired Vernon, Russell too.  ; )

We’re getting excited!!!

Scott has been chiseling away at the floor.  We hope to be ready for sanding/grinding/cleaning and preparing for sea glass inlay work and surface finishing before too long…?!  Hurry up!!!

We are also hopeful that Dave, the electrician, will have time for us soon.  We have been keeping the door between the breezeway and rest of the house closed due to the lack of heat in the breezeway and studio.

The library ladder track has been ordered and will be en route before too long.

Things are coming together!!!  Thank you for sharing in this journey with me, Scott, Jingle and Shelby Pickles too!!!

Piecefully, Pam


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