Day #51, 1172012

Mickey is working to “finish” the facings and fronts of the pods.  We did not want these spaces to be drywall, as we will be storing things in the pods and in and out of the spaces regularly.  We also expect to have people going in and out of pods one through three. We wanted something that would hold up to regular traffic and use, be functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing.  All of this will be painted the color of the ceiling and will sort of “disappear” or perhaps even “float”.

I emailed Gregg at the Putnam Rolling Ladder Company.  We are nearing the installation of our vintage rolling library ladder.  We need 11 more feet of track and 3 more vertical mounting brackets.  They are in downtown NY and we are hoping they are safe!

Meanwhile, Wittus Fire by Design has been effected by Sandy.  They too are located in NY.  Their business is just re-opening and things have been challenging and a bit spotty for them.

Prayers and peace to all those who have shouldered the brunt of Sandy.

We are gearing up for the Nor’easter currently bearing down.  At least Jingle would walk on the Beach with me today.  I made pumpkin bread and muffins this morning.  Soup is underway for dinner! And, Scott has sourdough bread rising.  Stay tucked in and be safe all!

Piecefully, Pam


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