Day #50, 1162012

Mickey installed windowsills and CAME THROUGH the breezeway wall!!!  That was HUGE!!!  Breaking through the wall, opening up the entry way and “joining” the spaces and was a highly anticipated and integral event for me and Scott as this process and project progresses.  Once again, this enlarged opening extends the vision and line of sight.

It has been a privilege to participate in the daily evolution of the space(s).  A once in a life time gift to witness a dream coming true.  We are blessed and appreciative, more than my words can express.

We are entertaining the notion of a “floating” step and thinking about using lucite or acrylic…

It is all SO…sew (?!) very exciting and interesting.  Every day!

Piecefully, Pam


One thought on “Day #50, 1162012

  1. Wow!!! It looks really cool – and now being able to walk into the space without going outside….the journey continues. It’s been very interesting to watch…thanks for sharing.

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