Day #59’ish, 11272012

Today the painting began, no thanks to a Russian driving a rental and an impounded truck…  Fiction isn’t this good!

Anyway, the base coat of flat paint has made an appearance.  It will go on everything.  Everything.  With the exception of the floor and windowpanes.  So, things are looking very white.

The windows and doors have no moulding.  They’ve been done in what’s called “drywall return” with metal fortified exterior corners.  Keeping with clean simple lines and a midcentury modern/industrial vibe, no moulding.  The window and door frames will be painted to match the wall color where they’re located.

Team Ted includes Roy and Bo.  They’re set to resume work tomorrow at 08:00.  Paint and brushes are much quieter than pneumatic hammers and circular saws…  ; )

Pellets are being delivered on Thursday.  A ton of them.  A ton.  Seriously.

Piecefully, Pam

Day # 58, 11172012

Russell brought his industrial floor sander/polisher…

Russell gives me the inservice on how to use the industrial sander.

Scott and I have held up the process.  We decided to do the floor ourselves.  We wanted to pay homage to the garage floor that it was and celebrate the studio floor that it will become.  The cracks we wished to emphasize needed to feel/be organic.  That meant a machine could not achieve the look we desired.  Scott chiseled 9 cracks.  It took a total of some 25+ hours to do.

We did not want to use acid on the floor.  Not to clean it and not to etch it either.  We did not want a new thin layer of concrete poured to make it “pretty”.  We simply cleaned the floor.  Scott tried spot cleaners on some of the “dirtier” splotches with very little impact.

We had a lengthy discussion between ourselves and with Russell about coating the floor with epoxy.  Nope.  Staying true to our roots and vision, we chose to use linseed oil.  The process takes longer and may be a bit more labor intensive. It is not nearly as “in vogue”, and people look at you like you’re crazy when you decline acid and epoxy over linseed oil and a sander.  Though we want a midcentury and industrial vibe, we do not want the kind of cement floors that live in Wal-Mart!!!

Through the years the floor will continue to age.  The patina will deepen with use, wear and maintenance.  The floor was cleaned, grind-ed, sanded, screened and has 5 applications of linseed oil.  So far…  We will wait to set sea glass until much of the painting is done.  After which, the floor will get 2 more coats of linseed oil and a final screening.  Whew!

Having our 2 1/2 year old nephew, Rocco, playing on the studio floor this weekend, we KNOW linseed oil was the right choice for us and the floor!!!  : )

All good things do take time and patience is a virtue indeed!!!

After the fifth application of linseed oil this is where we are!!!

So, we were not ready for the painter to come last week. We continued to work on the floor, and enjoy the holiday weekend, complete with family, friends and turkey!!!

Uncle Scott, Rocco and Jingle play Fruit Ninja…! ; )

Ted and his crew are slated to begin painting this week.  Raucous Orange, Eider White and Pearl Grey.  Hooray!  The pellet stove is also scheduled for delivery this week.  Hooray!  Installation of said pellet stove is set for 12/3.  Hooray!

We ARE getting there…!!!???  Hurry up!!!  Please.

Piecefully, Pam

Day # 57, 11142012

Scott replaced the panelling in the breezeway.  He truly IS Mr. Incredible!!!  He painstakingly removed the paneling and trim for hopeful retrofitting and re-installation once the entrance between the breezeway and studio was enlarged.  It WORKED!!!  So, from the breezeway, you cannot tell there were any changes made.

Russell called.  He’s been calling pretty regularly now.  We’re nearing the finish line.  We all can sense it.  We’re not quite there yet, but we’re ALL headed in the right direction.  This has been a most remarkable and memorable journey!!!

Scott completed the light sanding of all the trusses this evening.  Next, he has begun the task of lightly cleaning the “garage” floor with Simple Green.

Tomorrow is another day…

Piecefully, Pam

Days # 55, 11132012 and #56, 11142012

Day # 55

We talked with Russell and decided on a threshold and step for the breezeway transition into the studio and visa versa.  Geez.  This has been quite the dilemma.  Good to have it resolved!!!  : )

Scott confirmed with Ted a start date for painting.

And, we signed the contract for the shower materials and installation.  Hooray!!!

Our local Marvin window distributor was out regarding a leak in the transom patio door during hurricane Sandy.  He’ll be back. (Hopefully, NOT as the Terminator!)

Meanwhile, Scott began “lightly sanding” the trusses for painting.

Day #56

Scott talked with Russell today.  They are planning for a time/date to “do” the cement floor.  It will be cleaned a bit ahead of time and then Scott and Russell will grind/sand, polish and then applications and inlay will follow.  The floor will essentially remain true to it’s roots as a garage floor, but be gussied up a bit to become a “new” studio floor.  ; )

Scott continued the light sanding of the trusses.

And, I have been practicing going UP and DOWN the r-o-l-l-i-n-g library ladder.  I am up to rung #6.  Soon ready to crawl into pod #1…

No pix, but our excitement continues to build as the project rolls forward!

Piecefully, Pam

Day #53, 1192012 and Day #54, 11122012

Day #53

We met with Ted, the painter.  It’s a WHOLE lot of painting that needs done!!!

On the weekend Scott and I went to Sherwin Williams and bought paint samples…pearl gray, raucous orange, eider white, robust orange, pearl gray

I also did a bit of landscaping while Scott worked to drill through the 1/2 inch steel beam, 22 times!  He’s got MuScLeS!!!  Scott measured, we snapped a line and he drilled the holes for the brackets which will hold the track in place.  All this in excited anticipation and preparation for the Putnam rolling ladder installation.  Soon…!?  ; )

Day #54

We have power!  Mostly.  Dave, the electrician, was here!!!  He connected the HVAC system and now there’s heat!  Dave finished the installation of all the exterior outlets. None of the interior outlet yet though, as they would just be in the way of the painter.

The HVAC guys were out and tested the system.  Everything is a GO!  They gave Scott the inservice and remote control.  Cool.  Uh, hot.  Both!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Day #52, 1182012

Today is the eighteenth anniversary of me and Scott’s first date.  What a remarkable 18 years it has been.  Each day filled with love, surprises, fun and support.  ❤

Phil was given the final payment for the work he and Mickey did.  We have been very pleased.  Mickey came by to say so-long and give Jingle a cookie plus some ear rubs.  Mickey is truly a good egg and fine craftsman.  We will miss their daily influences, but will always admire and appreciate their talented labor and care in helping to create our studio space.

Meanwhile, Vernon’s two guys, Tony and Justin, are working to finish up the exterior cladding.  The intricacies of the mansard brown trim and outlining detail is tedious.  They carefully measure, sometimes more than twice, then bend, cut and fit the bits into place.  Once they’re finished, the only job remaining for Vernon will be the outdoor shower.  This will be no easy feat.  He will bend the interior and exterior metals into an ascending spiral.  This was one of the details of our project that challenged and inspired Vernon, Russell too.  ; )

We’re getting excited!!!

Scott has been chiseling away at the floor.  We hope to be ready for sanding/grinding/cleaning and preparing for sea glass inlay work and surface finishing before too long…?!  Hurry up!!!

We are also hopeful that Dave, the electrician, will have time for us soon.  We have been keeping the door between the breezeway and rest of the house closed due to the lack of heat in the breezeway and studio.

The library ladder track has been ordered and will be en route before too long.

Things are coming together!!!  Thank you for sharing in this journey with me, Scott, Jingle and Shelby Pickles too!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Day #51, 1172012

Mickey is working to “finish” the facings and fronts of the pods.  We did not want these spaces to be drywall, as we will be storing things in the pods and in and out of the spaces regularly.  We also expect to have people going in and out of pods one through three. We wanted something that would hold up to regular traffic and use, be functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing.  All of this will be painted the color of the ceiling and will sort of “disappear” or perhaps even “float”.

I emailed Gregg at the Putnam Rolling Ladder Company.  We are nearing the installation of our vintage rolling library ladder.  We need 11 more feet of track and 3 more vertical mounting brackets.  They are in downtown NY and we are hoping they are safe!

Meanwhile, Wittus Fire by Design has been effected by Sandy.  They too are located in NY.  Their business is just re-opening and things have been challenging and a bit spotty for them.

Prayers and peace to all those who have shouldered the brunt of Sandy.

We are gearing up for the Nor’easter currently bearing down.  At least Jingle would walk on the Beach with me today.  I made pumpkin bread and muffins this morning.  Soup is underway for dinner! And, Scott has sourdough bread rising.  Stay tucked in and be safe all!

Piecefully, Pam

Day #50, 1162012

Mickey installed windowsills and CAME THROUGH the breezeway wall!!!  That was HUGE!!!  Breaking through the wall, opening up the entry way and “joining” the spaces and was a highly anticipated and integral event for me and Scott as this process and project progresses.  Once again, this enlarged opening extends the vision and line of sight.

It has been a privilege to participate in the daily evolution of the space(s).  A once in a life time gift to witness a dream coming true.  We are blessed and appreciative, more than my words can express.

We are entertaining the notion of a “floating” step and thinking about using lucite or acrylic…

It is all SO…sew (?!) very exciting and interesting.  Every day!

Piecefully, Pam

Days # 47, 48 and 49. 10/31/2012-11/2/2012

Day #47, 10312012

The third and final day of “mud”

Day #48, 1112012

Vernon and his crew finished the taupe siding on the North wall and placed the teal siding on the West wall

And, Paul stopped by

Day #49, 1122012

Sanding of the walls was done.  They are “paint ready”

And, the HVAC unit was installed – the exterior unit and the interior mini-split unit.  Installation will not actually be completed until Dave the electrician gets here.  He is currently helping those suffering the after effects of hurricane Sandy.  Peace.

Inbetwixt, Scott has been working to chisel and gouge the cement floor in anticipation of inlaying sea glass!!!  Below is just an audition…

Piecefully, Pam