Tuesday 10302012

I spoke with Scott this morning and he, Jingle, Shelby and our home and neighborhood weathered the worst of the storm.  Praise be!!!  I cannot thank you ALL enough for your prayers, well wishes, + juju and kindnesses.

I have breathed a BIG sigh of relief and then had a big ol’ ugly cry.  Oh, just the release of tension, worry and strain.  Mercy.  I am SO thankful.  SO thankful.

Perhaps now I can relax a little and enjoy the Houston experience.  Tonight is the Award Ceremony.  Karen is up for one of the top prizes.  We’re pretty excited and a little bit nervous too…

Piecefully, Pam



One thought on “Tuesday 10302012

  1. Thank God, Pam! Was worried about you guys! So happy all is good! Enjoy the rest of your trip:-) Looking forward to hearing about it!

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