Monday 10292012

Thank you to each and every one of you who has reached out to us.  It is appreciated more than you know and makes a difference in our world.

On Saturday 10272012 I took Jingle to the Beach for his morning walk.  He trotted down the path that leads to the Beach.  When we got to the Beach he laid down.  I thought he had a burr in his paw.  I checked all four paws and no burr.  So, forward we went.  Uh, not so much.  Jingle would NOT go!!!  This is what our bayside Beach looked like on Saturday morning.

On the way home from our Saturday walk, I pulled over and called Mamimi.  I did not want to leave for Houston.

On Sunday we had a delay and sat on the tarmac in Harrisburg and missed our connection out of Phila.  We were on standby for the next flight out.  I am now in Houston with Mamimi and Karen.

Meanwhile, I have been able to stay in touch with Scott.  He has been safe.  Jingle and Shelby are both safe.  We all appreciate your prayers.  Keep them coming and I’ll will  try to keep you updated.

Piecefully, Pam

One thought on “Monday 10292012

  1. I was thinking of you all day Sunday and yesterday…..hope everything is ok with the house and Lewes…..such scary pictures out there. You are safe in Houston – enjoy the week and things will be bright and sunny when you come back. Peace….

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