Day #44, 10232012

Paul’s drywall hangers are here, Gary and Dave.  They will set up the 10 foot scaffolding to do the non-pod ceiling tomorrow.  Dave says, “Two days.  Yep, two days and it will look a whole lot different in here.”  Cool!!!

Scott and I realized yesterday, when the drywall was being delivered, if you enter the room on the North side through the sliders, you have no idea there’s cubbies and pods on the other side of the room.  Of course, once the ladder goes in that will change.

Also, yesterday’s delivery men were caught stroking the siding  We’re stirring things up a bit and causing some to think outside the box!  ; )  The reactions and responses have been interesting and amusing so far.

East wall with sheet rock/drywall and the North ceiling too.

The West wall has sheet rock/drywall too!

Piecefully, Pam

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