Day #40, 41 and 42 10172012,10192012 & 10202012

The second half of day # 40, 10172012

The insulation is done.  The green stuff on the ceiling is 3 inch thick closed cell insulation.  The walls and pods are traditional batt insulation.  The “stuff” sticking out of the walls in bags are cords and cables and such, bagged and protected during the insulation process.  The section on the wall that does not have insulation will be opened up into the breezeway/rest of the house once the drywall is completed.

Day #41 10192012

Robbie was here at 0800.  The pervious concrete has been peeked at and tested!!!  He cut expansion channels in the patio.  It will be unveiled on Tuesday 10232012.  It looks like a BIG rice krispy treat.  ; )

Day #42, 10202012

The cement floor from the garage will remain as the floor for our studio.  It is quilter friendly, sand and pet easy and it will help with the heating and cooling needs as a useful thermal element in the room.  We are not going to stain, acid etch or stamp the floor.  It has a few cracks that we are going to “enhance”. Once the chiseling has been done, the floor will be cleaned, polished and readied for the next step.  Chiseling out cracks in a cement floor is more difficult than I expected it to be.  The cracks are really just surface veins.  Cement is HARD.  I think we chalked out 12 cracks to enhance.  We have 7 of them done, or well on the way, 5 more to go and my forearms hurt…!?

Piecefully, Pam

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