Day #39, 10/16/2012

Robbie and his guys pour the (pervious) cement.  It was a REALLY big day.  And, it started early!!!  I think we had some 14+ people here today.  Evidently, we’re the first residential application of pervious concrete in the area.  Important peeps were here from BASF and Atlantic Concrete.

Robbie was onsite before 0700. Jingle told us so…

At the curve, the spiral “water element” a.k.a. shower will be constructed.

The first of two cement trucks that delivered here today

It takes a village…

Plus, Russell makes a site visit.

“Hey, did I design this…?!” Yup!!! Ain’t it cool…?! ; )

Everyone has been exceptional and working their a$$es off.  It is SO incredibly amazing to watch the pieces come together and make a whole.  Russell seems very pleased and satisfied.  Scott and I are tickled.  <3!!!  And, how grateful we all have been with Mother Nature’s blessings of pleasant weather!

Tomorrow brings insulation – spray foam and traditional batt…on sloped surfaces and hard to reach places.  Wait, is that a song…

Piecefully, Pam

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