Day #34, 10092012

The framing for all the pods has been completed, but it’s hard to “get”…so, below you can see that Mickey is working on boxing out the pods.  I think it may be a bit easier to understand now…  As you can see, the pods are UP.  We wanted to make use of the space.  Scott is tall with a back injury – low is trouble for him.  We have all the “up” space and Russell made GREAT use of it!!!  We want to keep the floor space open for people, pets, furniture, quilt basting and play.  ; )

from the breezeway looking toward the North wall, up in the rafters and accessible from the South side of the room will be pods.

Looking from the Southwest corner of the room towards the Northeast corner. A different pod perspective.

Mickey’s ladder is positioned at the first sleeping pod. The pods will all be accessed via a vintage library ladder and rail system that will affix to the BRB (big red beam). Crazy…good…

Looking to begin insulation by the end of this week, hopefully.  Waiting to her back from Robbie about the cement work and patio pour…  And, Phil is out. He sustained a serious rotator cuff tear related to boating. He is scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks with a 6-8 week abductor device post operatively.  Prayers, peace and progress.

Piecefully, Pam


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