Day # 28, 10012012

The siding arrived!!!  The colors are AWESOME!!!  Vernon and his crew are hard at work.  ; )

Dave, the electrician, is here too.

The BIG @$$ drill Dave uses to get through headers, footers and tough reaches. Wow!!!

Can lighting wired in the ceiling.

Tomorrow or Thursday the City Inspectors will come through.

Scott is ready with co-axial cable and the HDMI cable.

Paul, the dry wall guy, was here for the second time.  He’s taking measurements and hot on the heels of all.  He is ready!  The electrical work and inspection has to take place first.  Then the insulation needs to go up.  Then it will be Paul’s turn.  Once Paul does the dry wall, they will come through the wall and into the “breezeway” space.

I still can hardly believe it’s really happening.

Meanwhile, happy October first, from our home to yours!!!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam



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