Happy Hallowe’en

Treats and no tricks!!!

In the height of the storm, pooled rain between us and our neighbors’ home.

Two smiling faces…  : )

Karen Kay Buckley and Renae Haddadin with Fiesta Mexico!

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday 10302012

I spoke with Scott this morning and he, Jingle, Shelby and our home and neighborhood weathered the worst of the storm.  Praise be!!!  I cannot thank you ALL enough for your prayers, well wishes, + juju and kindnesses.

I have breathed a BIG sigh of relief and then had a big ol’ ugly cry.  Oh, just the release of tension, worry and strain.  Mercy.  I am SO thankful.  SO thankful.

Perhaps now I can relax a little and enjoy the Houston experience.  Tonight is the Award Ceremony.  Karen is up for one of the top prizes.  We’re pretty excited and a little bit nervous too…

Piecefully, Pam


Monday 10292012

Thank you to each and every one of you who has reached out to us.  It is appreciated more than you know and makes a difference in our world.

On Saturday 10272012 I took Jingle to the Beach for his morning walk.  He trotted down the path that leads to the Beach.  When we got to the Beach he laid down.  I thought he had a burr in his paw.  I checked all four paws and no burr.  So, forward we went.  Uh, not so much.  Jingle would NOT go!!!  This is what our bayside Beach looked like on Saturday morning.

On the way home from our Saturday walk, I pulled over and called Mamimi.  I did not want to leave for Houston.

On Sunday we had a delay and sat on the tarmac in Harrisburg and missed our connection out of Phila.  We were on standby for the next flight out.  I am now in Houston with Mamimi and Karen.

Meanwhile, I have been able to stay in touch with Scott.  He has been safe.  Jingle and Shelby are both safe.  We all appreciate your prayers.  Keep them coming and I’ll will  try to keep you updated.

Piecefully, Pam

Day #46, 10252012

Mud.  That’s what they call it.  It comes in buckets…  Gary and Dave are taping all the drywall seams.  They are putting metal J-channels around all of the exposed edges of plaster.  They are spackling over all the screws.  Whew!  That’s a LOT of mud.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Scott is continuing to gouge the cement floor.

Day #45, 10242012

The drywall continues…

And, yesterday, the patio was uncovered!!!

All the drywall is up!!!  : )  Tomorrow Gary and Dave will begin the “mud”.   All the drywall joints will be taped and spackled. All the screws and holes will be spackled too.  They are doing dry wall returns and J channels at the windows and doors since we will not have moulding or trim.

Things are continuing to move forward and progress is being made!!!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. the PVC pipe sticking up out of the patio is where the shower will go.

Day #44, 10232012

Paul’s drywall hangers are here, Gary and Dave.  They will set up the 10 foot scaffolding to do the non-pod ceiling tomorrow.  Dave says, “Two days.  Yep, two days and it will look a whole lot different in here.”  Cool!!!

Scott and I realized yesterday, when the drywall was being delivered, if you enter the room on the North side through the sliders, you have no idea there’s cubbies and pods on the other side of the room.  Of course, once the ladder goes in that will change.

Also, yesterday’s delivery men were caught stroking the siding  We’re stirring things up a bit and causing some to think outside the box!  ; )  The reactions and responses have been interesting and amusing so far.

East wall with sheet rock/drywall and the North ceiling too.

The West wall has sheet rock/drywall too!

Piecefully, Pam

Day #43, 10222012

Scott continued to gouge out and chisel away at the cracks in the studio’s cement floor.

And, 39 sheets of 4 foot x 10 foot drywall were delivered…

I think tomorrow Paul will be here.  Perhaps Gary too.  They will use their own scaffolding that is 10 feet high.  The other scaffolding has been dismantled and removed for now.

Piecefully, Pam

Day #40, 41 and 42 10172012,10192012 & 10202012

The second half of day # 40, 10172012

The insulation is done.  The green stuff on the ceiling is 3 inch thick closed cell insulation.  The walls and pods are traditional batt insulation.  The “stuff” sticking out of the walls in bags are cords and cables and such, bagged and protected during the insulation process.  The section on the wall that does not have insulation will be opened up into the breezeway/rest of the house once the drywall is completed.

Day #41 10192012

Robbie was here at 0800.  The pervious concrete has been peeked at and tested!!!  He cut expansion channels in the patio.  It will be unveiled on Tuesday 10232012.  It looks like a BIG rice krispy treat.  ; )

Day #42, 10202012

The cement floor from the garage will remain as the floor for our studio.  It is quilter friendly, sand and pet easy and it will help with the heating and cooling needs as a useful thermal element in the room.  We are not going to stain, acid etch or stamp the floor.  It has a few cracks that we are going to “enhance”. Once the chiseling has been done, the floor will be cleaned, polished and readied for the next step.  Chiseling out cracks in a cement floor is more difficult than I expected it to be.  The cracks are really just surface veins.  Cement is HARD.  I think we chalked out 12 cracks to enhance.  We have 7 of them done, or well on the way, 5 more to go and my forearms hurt…!?

Piecefully, Pam

Day #40, 10172012

Here’s how a portion of the poured pervious patio looks this morning.  Covered.  It will stay this way until Friday.  NO peeking or walking on it just yet.  The pouring and curing process is different than standard concrete.  It’s not fully set for a whole week.  Jingle has been tempted…

Meanwhile, the Delmarva Insulation guys have backed down the driveway and are gearing up to keep us toasty, cool and cozy.

Scott just called and ordered the pellet stove.  Toba in bordeaux.

Piecefully, Pam

Day #39, 10/16/2012

Robbie and his guys pour the (pervious) cement.  It was a REALLY big day.  And, it started early!!!  I think we had some 14+ people here today.  Evidently, we’re the first residential application of pervious concrete in the area.  Important peeps were here from BASF and Atlantic Concrete.

Robbie was onsite before 0700. Jingle told us so…

At the curve, the spiral “water element” a.k.a. shower will be constructed.

The first of two cement trucks that delivered here today

It takes a village…

Plus, Russell makes a site visit.

“Hey, did I design this…?!” Yup!!! Ain’t it cool…?! ; )

Everyone has been exceptional and working their a$$es off.  It is SO incredibly amazing to watch the pieces come together and make a whole.  Russell seems very pleased and satisfied.  Scott and I are tickled.  <3!!!  And, how grateful we all have been with Mother Nature’s blessings of pleasant weather!

Tomorrow brings insulation – spray foam and traditional batt…on sloped surfaces and hard to reach places.  Wait, is that a song…

Piecefully, Pam