Days # 11, 09042012 and #12, 09072012

Day # 11, 09042012

Russell made a site visit.  He met with Phil to discuss the wing walls, scuppers and the enclosed patio space.  Bill joined the group and there was discussion about the steel beam, notches and trusses.  All very testosterone stuff.

There was rain.  There was rain. Lumber was delivered.  There was rain.  There was rain.  Phil took measurements.  There was rain.  There was rain.

Day # 12, 09072012

Phil installed a 32 foot top plate which will rest on the steel beam and be used to tie in the trusses, sisters and perlins.  He cut a hole above the garage door opening to have space for maneuvering the steel beam into position.

A bid RED steel beam rolled down the street and into our driveway.  Scott and I celebrated it by dining al fresco and toasting the big red beam with margaritas!

Today, Day #13, 09082012 the beam is being installed…stay tuned!!!  ; )

Piecefully, Pam