Day #26, 09262012

Things have been happening here.  It’s just sort of boring or difficult to capture in a photo…

1. a new roof fan was installed.  Yay!!!  The old one leaked and was going to be insufficient for the new space.  Go Team Vernon!!!

2. the 4th and final wing wall was built.  I love you Phil!!!  And, now I finally “get” the wing wall concept.  Thank you, Russell!

3. Dupont taping was placed around ALL the new windows and doors.  Just another barrier and insulator!  And, ALL of the rigid foam has been installed.

4. the BIG slider with transom was “adjusted” by the local distributor and now suits Phil’s standard and the warranty still exists.  ; )

5. the pex tubing and French drain are fully underway and headed toward completion.  Scott truly IS Mr. Incredible!!!

6. Chris, the HVAC guy was out this week.  Moving forward.  Progress is good.

7. we are waiting to hear back from Robbie about the concrete.

8. Dave the electrician will be out soon…  Get ready…

9. the Inspectors have been through and approve so far.  That’s always good.  ; )

10. supplies have been delivered.  There are rolls of insulation, a.k.a batt at the ready.

Meanwhile, here are a few pix of the ongoing doin’s ’round here.

To the right is the narrower trench for pex tubing which will lead from the house to the shower. Beyond it and to the left is the wider, but shorter trench for the French drain from the shower.

Standing on the ladder, looking into pod #2!!!

Up in the rafters… Sistering and much of the support work is in place on both the North and South sides of the beam. Tomorrow, North side trusses will start to be removed…just every other one. Thinking about it makes me want to hold my breath and pee a little…

Piecefully, Pam


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