Day #18, 09142012

The windows were installed.  : )  All five of them.  Three of them are BIG…3 feet x 6 feet!!!  They are casement and awning windows.  We’re pretty excited with them!!!

The doors are here too, but they will wait for installation as supplies and such will be brought in through those wide openings for a time yet.

Next will be the sistering of trusses.  Mickey and Phil will use their rolling scaffolding to work up in the rafters/trusses.

Things are taking shape and the space is feeling a lot less like a garage.  And, rolling down the driveway, the “garage” appears to be part of the house now.  It’s interesting to live through it’s daily evolution.

Over the weekend Scott and I used chalk to “draw” where my desk will be placed.  We are trying to definitively decide on the pellet stove location. And, we marked out where the area rug will live.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us!  ; )

Awning windows on the East/driveway wall of the studio.

The North/backyard wall of the studio.

The West wall of the studio.

Piecefully, Pam

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