Day #17, 09132012

Vernon Weaver’s crew was here.  They completed the exterior East wall facing and finished the Tyvek house wrap on the South patio facing.  All of the window openings have been covered over with house wrap and or rigid foam.  It’s dark with just the light coming from either patio door opening.

Patio thresholds have been painted with a clear coat sealer to prevent moisture wicking.  Something I would never ever have thought of.

We are having metal siding put on the exterior of the space.  Beneath it will be a layer of rigid foam and house wrap.  Both are types of insulation.  Interiorly batt insulation will be used between the studs.  The walls will be eight inches thick.  This has to due to due with the original construction of the garage and CMU (cinderblock) ridge that it created.  We should be snug as bugs in here!!!

We’ll see what Day #8 brings…

Scott used spray paint to mark out the “water element” and the patio.  We are reflecting on this space and will make any changes or tweaks if needed.

Also, next Tuesday, Scott has ordered a Ditch Witch/Trench Hog to be delivered in the morning.  He is going to dig the trench for the landscaping conduit that will be used for the “water element” and create the French drain.  Say some prayers for his back please!

Piecefully, Pam



One thought on “Day #17, 09132012

  1. Fixes computers faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than any ditch digger, able to wear a super suit like no other….oh you know the rest haha.

    You go Scott, but remember, even super heroes can have their back go out 😉 Good luck!!

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