Day #26, 09262012

Things have been happening here.  It’s just sort of boring or difficult to capture in a photo…

1. a new roof fan was installed.  Yay!!!  The old one leaked and was going to be insufficient for the new space.  Go Team Vernon!!!

2. the 4th and final wing wall was built.  I love you Phil!!!  And, now I finally “get” the wing wall concept.  Thank you, Russell!

3. Dupont taping was placed around ALL the new windows and doors.  Just another barrier and insulator!  And, ALL of the rigid foam has been installed.

4. the BIG slider with transom was “adjusted” by the local distributor and now suits Phil’s standard and the warranty still exists.  ; )

5. the pex tubing and French drain are fully underway and headed toward completion.  Scott truly IS Mr. Incredible!!!

6. Chris, the HVAC guy was out this week.  Moving forward.  Progress is good.

7. we are waiting to hear back from Robbie about the concrete.

8. Dave the electrician will be out soon…  Get ready…

9. the Inspectors have been through and approve so far.  That’s always good.  ; )

10. supplies have been delivered.  There are rolls of insulation, a.k.a batt at the ready.

Meanwhile, here are a few pix of the ongoing doin’s ’round here.

To the right is the narrower trench for pex tubing which will lead from the house to the shower. Beyond it and to the left is the wider, but shorter trench for the French drain from the shower.

Standing on the ladder, looking into pod #2!!!

Up in the rafters… Sistering and much of the support work is in place on both the North and South sides of the beam. Tomorrow, North side trusses will start to be removed…just every other one. Thinking about it makes me want to hold my breath and pee a little…

Piecefully, Pam

Day #22, 09202012

and…the Ditch Witch…

Mr. Incredible + the Ditch Witch ; )

Praise be, it all went well.  Thank you for your prayers and + juju!

Pod and storage construction continued, the third wing wall went up, the ceiling/roof fan was replaced and more.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  It was also the annual Vet exams for Shelby and Jingle.  They are healthy, albeit it little heavier.  They think they’re just big boned!  Shhh, don’t tell Shelby, but she’s on a diet.

Day #21, 09192012

Pods are being constructed at the North West end of the studio space.  It is very interesting watching them take shape…

Pod construction

And, the North wall patio door with transom was installed today.  No small project.  They had a difficult time with the South wall sliding glass doors opposite this one and it didn’t have a transom.  GREAT job guys!!!  : )

Tomorrow is the Trench Hog aka Ditch Witch!?

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. The siding is en route from Indiana.  Who’da thunk?!  They ran out of Teal on this run and rather than make two shipments, we’ll wait ’til next week.

Updated day #20, 09182012

They’re NOT purlins.  I stand corrected.  They are sistered trusses at the roof line as well.  Who knew.  Purlins were going to be used in the project, but after much discussion about the design and engineering and the hey hey, I believe it has been decided no purlins will be used.  I must confess, I am a little bit disappointed.

Meanwhile, Mickey has been cutting and cutting the roof line sistering pieces.

Mickey uses the scaffolding to climb up into the rafters to work. Mercy!

The sliding glass door to the small patio was installed.  (Ahead of the bad storms!)

We’ll see what Day #21 brings…

Piecefully, Pam

Day #20, 09182012

Mother Nature is fickle.  There is NO trenching going on today.  It has been rescheduled for Thursday.

Meanwhile, purlins are being cut and readied for placement.

These are the pieces that will provide structural support to the trusses along the roof top.  The purlins will run diagonally from the peak of the roof along the roof line to where the truss meets the wall.

Purlin. One has been installed.

Piecefully, Pam

Day #19, 09172012


The bottom portion of the trusses that will remain are being sistered.  The existing two by four sections are now sandwiched between sistering two x sixes.  All of the supports will be installed before any removal begins.


Sistered, not sistered, sistered, not sistered…you get the idea

Coming down the driveway…the “garage” looks more like it is a part of the house!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Those sistered trusses will remain.  Those not sistered will be removed.  Eventually.

Day #18, 09142012

The windows were installed.  : )  All five of them.  Three of them are BIG…3 feet x 6 feet!!!  They are casement and awning windows.  We’re pretty excited with them!!!

The doors are here too, but they will wait for installation as supplies and such will be brought in through those wide openings for a time yet.

Next will be the sistering of trusses.  Mickey and Phil will use their rolling scaffolding to work up in the rafters/trusses.

Things are taking shape and the space is feeling a lot less like a garage.  And, rolling down the driveway, the “garage” appears to be part of the house now.  It’s interesting to live through it’s daily evolution.

Over the weekend Scott and I used chalk to “draw” where my desk will be placed.  We are trying to definitively decide on the pellet stove location. And, we marked out where the area rug will live.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us!  ; )

Awning windows on the East/driveway wall of the studio.

The North/backyard wall of the studio.

The West wall of the studio.

Piecefully, Pam

Day #17, 09132012

Vernon Weaver’s crew was here.  They completed the exterior East wall facing and finished the Tyvek house wrap on the South patio facing.  All of the window openings have been covered over with house wrap and or rigid foam.  It’s dark with just the light coming from either patio door opening.

Patio thresholds have been painted with a clear coat sealer to prevent moisture wicking.  Something I would never ever have thought of.

We are having metal siding put on the exterior of the space.  Beneath it will be a layer of rigid foam and house wrap.  Both are types of insulation.  Interiorly batt insulation will be used between the studs.  The walls will be eight inches thick.  This has to due to due with the original construction of the garage and CMU (cinderblock) ridge that it created.  We should be snug as bugs in here!!!

We’ll see what Day #8 brings…

Scott used spray paint to mark out the “water element” and the patio.  We are reflecting on this space and will make any changes or tweaks if needed.

Also, next Tuesday, Scott has ordered a Ditch Witch/Trench Hog to be delivered in the morning.  He is going to dig the trench for the landscaping conduit that will be used for the “water element” and create the French drain.  Say some prayers for his back please!

Piecefully, Pam


Day #13, 09082012

The big red beam (BRB) was installed!  Successfully and without a hitch.  Quite a process.  Very interesting.  It has been welded into place.  It will be bolted and cemented for further strength and integrity this coming week.  It’s very neat how the BRB will become an aesthetic element in the space, but it’s steel post supports will be concealed within the East and West walls.  Thus, yielding greater floor space without the presence of a support column within the room.  Neat-o!

Piecefully, Pam